RECAP: ‘Life After Lockup’ Lacey Explodes After Shane Confesses He Cheated!

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Welcome back to another episode of Life After Lockup.


Life After Lockup: Michael, Megan and Sarah

Sarah is seeing red when she learns that Michael did not come to Rochester alone, but instead brought his newest side chick, Maria, with him. According to Michael, he doesn’t have to explain anything to her as he only traveled there to check on his kids.

Sarah accuses Michael of drinking, stating that she smells alcohol on his breath and then shows him the door. Once he exits the house, she locks the door behind him. Looks like Maria won’t be meeting Michael’s daughters ANYTIME soon.

Life After Lockup

Unfortunately, Sarah changes her mind and decides she’s not done yet and follows Michael out into the yard for round two. She asks to have a simple yes or no conversation that quickly goes south. The two end up screaming at one another while using expletives out in the front yard for all of the neighbors to see and hear. YIKES.

Michael later confesses that he is aware that he hurt Sarah but he just wants her to stop being bitter so they can co-parent for their children.

Michael eventually arrives back at the low budget hotel after the Jerry Springer showdown and finds Maria relaxing by the indoor pool. He tells Maria that the visit with his daughters went south after he and Sarah got into a knockdown drag out in the front yard.

Maria advises Michael that he needs to learn how to co-parent with Sarah and figure out how he can get visitation with the children sans Sarah. Michael confesses that in order to do that he has no choice but to go through the court system.


Life After Lockup: Brittany and Marcelino 

Brittany reveals that she went to the courthouse to get information on her two oldest children. Unfortunately, because she was a minor when she had the children, the documents are sealed and she only has access to a very limited amount of information.

She did learn that at one point the father of her children claimed that he wanted to reunify with them and the court took steps to make that happen. Brittany is in complete shock that a court system designed to protect the children would even consider letting the children be reunited with a man who got a minor pregnant.

Brittany resolves to find the man that impregnated her when she was only fifteen and sixteen years old. She says the last time she saw him he was being arrested for stealing a flat-screen TV.

Her search proves to be successful when she finds that he is currently incarcerated but is eligible for parole in a month. She now has the opportunity to confront him for taking advantage of her when she was just a child. But will Marcelino approve of her doing so?


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Life After Lockup: Andrea and Lamar

Lamar attempts to wine and dine Andrea to show her how much he loves her. Andrea says that she appreciates the effort Lamar is putting forth but that reconnecting with one another has been a serious challenge for them.

Andrea admits that when Lamar was in prison his entire day revolved around her but now that he’s out and has gained his independence he has so many distractions- many of which don’t include her. Especially since he moved to California.

Life After Lockup

Andrea and Lamar continue to butt heads over their long-distance relationship. Lamar maintains that he has a lot of things going on in California, including his work. Serious question though- does Lamar even have a job???

Andrea drops a bomb when she eventually brings up the ugly D-word stating that if they can’t come to an agreement about living in one place together it’s probably best that they go ahead and file for a divorce. Lamar says he’s devastated that she would even mention divorce but he’s also sick of Andrea giving him ultimatums.

Life After Lockup


Life After Lockup: Tony and Angela

After spying on Tony and realizing that he was indeed at home all evening, Angela eventually decides to come on in the house and go to sleep.

The next morning, Tony asks why she didn’t end up sleeping over at Donna Faye’s house. She tells him that she came on home out of fear that he might slip out and “do something stupid.”

Like a petulant child, Tony pitches a fit once Angela comes clean that she was actually sitting outside of the house for some time spying on him to see if he was actually doing what he was supposed to be. According to Tony, Angela’s not even giving him a chance and constantly testing him. Angela quickly reminds him that she did give him a chance and he ended up in a motel room with prostitutes.

Tony says that he wants to get married and is willing to continue to prove his love to Angela but says they can’t keep living like this. He tells Angela that she needs to tone it down and quit being disrespectful.

In an attempt to salvage their relationship, Angela takes Tony to church to be counseled by the pastor. That poor pastor doesn’t know what he’s getting into.

Life After Lockup

Tony tells the pastor that he was recently released from prison and is on a mission to turn his life around. He also admits that he and Angela have had problems due to him having intercourse with other women. The pastor counsels Angela that she can’t live with someone she can’t trust.

Life After Lockup

As the pastor digs deeper to learn more about Tony, Tony reveals that he grew up with an abusive father and the pastor says that Tony’s behavior is a result of his childhood and learned behaviors of hurting those that he loves. It’s obvious that Tony has some major work to do if he and Angela plan to be together forever.


Life After Lockup: Lacey, Shane and John

John Slater is managing to stay on the straight and narrow as he is in the midst of completing his recovery program. His sister, Jennifer, pays him a visit and is beaming with pride at his progress.

She asks John Slater what happened the night he got arrested and John reveals that he was in his feelings about Lacey and the way she moved on so quickly. He started drinking, got behind the wheel and then pulled over and when the police searched him they found drugs.

Jennifer asks if he has a plan for the next time he gets depressed about Lacey and he says it all depends on how court goes. He casually mentions that he plans to try and get Lacey “back on board” and this does not please Jennifer. According to Jennifer, Lacey manipulates John by giving him false hope that they might get back together which in turn just sets him up for failure. Jennifer says that Lacey is toxic and that she’s never been a fan of Lacey and never will be. She tells John that he needs to be done with Lacey for good but John says that’s a lot easier said than done. John reveals that he has plans to get back with Lacey after she inevitably divorces Shane and that Jennifer and his parents are just going to have to deal with it.

It turns out that John Slater might not be too far off from making good on his master plan to get Lacey back after Shane finally musters up the courage to tell Lacey he cheated on her during a drunken night out right before they got married.

Life After Lockup

As one can imagine, Lacey doesn’t take the news well as she calls him pathetic before storming out and leaving him stranded with no ride home.

Life After Lockup

Will Michael lawyer up in an effort to get see his children more? Will Brittany confront the man who took advantage of her? Will Lacey go crawling back to John after learning that Shane was unfaithful? Tune into Life After Lockup next week to find out!


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