Ramona Singer Made Jill Zarin Cry During Mean Interaction in London!

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Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer recently dissed Jill Zarin during a coincidental reunion in London. 

“Jill ran into Ramona and Ramona was a total b***h to her,” according to Radar Online.

The incident took place on February 6 at a posh members-only club named Loulou’s.

“Jill was with Juliet [Angus] from Ladies of London holding court at a prime table,” the source said. “Ramona walked in and Jill was excited to see her.”

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However, Ramona Singer’s attitude wasn’t the same for Jill Zarin.

“Jill and Ramona have been friends for years and Jill was thrilled to see her walk in. However, Ramona was not thrilled to see Jill.

“Jill walked over to Ramona to say hello and wanted to invite Ramona to sit at her table. They made eye contact and Ramona turned her back and started walking the other way,” the stunned source told Radar.

“When Jill caught up with Ramona, Ramona completely ignored her and acted like she didn’t know her. Jill was visibly upset and was tearing up as she turned around and walked back to her table.”

Although Jill Zarin was offended by Ramona Singer’s snub at first — but she regrouped and moved past her hurt feelings.

“Jill and Ramona have been through a lot together so of course she was saddened that Ramona completely and deliberately ignored her in London. But she quickly shrugged it off,” continued the source. “At the end of the day, Ramona is rude to everyone and Jill is apparently no exception.”

“Jill and Juliet left Loulou’s and headed over to the ultra-exclusive private club, Annabel’s, living it up with cast members from the UK’s hit reality series Made in Chelsea, after the ugly run-in, but Ramona didn’t follow them there.”

“Ramona can’t get into Annabel’s,” a second source quipped to Radar.


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