Dorinda Medley Attacks Luann de Lesseps In Drunken & Belligerent Outburst!

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Dorinda Medley - RHONYC

Part two of The Real Housewives of New York City in Cartagena, Colombia continues tonight — and the tension between Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill continues to affect the entire group. 

Tonight’s all-new episode begins with the ladies ready to go shopping but their outing is derailed by Bethenny having another emotional breakdown, and the women’s patience begin to wear thin. 

Later in the episode, Bethenny and Carole try to sort out their issues over dinner but the real drama is happening at the other end of the table, when Luann de Lesseps comments on Dorinda Medley’s inebriated state.

“I need to know what’s happened,” Carole questions Bethenny about their broken relationship.

“I think it’s like an erosion, like something happens on the side of a wall and like the waves hit it and then the waves hit it and then like slowly and it erodes and started with…with the bullsh*t this summer. It started with other people gossiping about it and you…” Bethenny starts to explain to Carole.

When Carole tries to interject, Bethenny shuts her down with, “Okay, so I’m not. What I’m not gonna do is debate with you, so you saying ‘no’ is invalid.”

Meanwhile across the table, Luann engages a drunken Dorinda in small talk, as she downs on a cocktail “How are the margaritas,” one alcoholic says to the other.

Dorinda mumbles an incoherent response, to which Luann sarcastically responds, “She’s startin!” Unbeknownst to Luann, those are fighting words to Dorinda.

“I’m not starting. Don’t say that — you should stop.” Dorinda snaps.

Luann worries Dorinda is getting aggressive as their quarrel quickly escalates  — resulting in Dorinda hurling low blows at Luann and smashing a glass on the floor.

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