RECAP: ‘Life After Lockup’ Lamar Explodes At Andrea’s Bible Study!

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of Life After Lockup. Let’s get started, shall we?


Life After Lockup: Cheryl and Josh

This week’s episode of Life After Lockup opens with the slap heard around the world as Cheryl storms out of the house screaming that Tina has no right to lay her hands on her. Meanwhile, Josh is inside the house trying to get Tina’s version of what went down. According to Josh, he’s dealing with “two stubborn ass chicks” so of course something’s going to happen.

Josh eventually resolves to let Cheryl finish her tantrum before trying to talk with her. Cheryl gives Josh an ultimatum. It’s either her or his mother. Unfortunately for Cheryl he doesn’t appear to be taking the bait, stating his mother has been there for him for thirty one years while she’s only been around for two.

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Life After Lockup: Andrea and Lamar

Andrea and Lamar visit a sex shop in Utah in hopes to get some of their mojo back. WAIT. WHAT? They have those there? According to Andrea, as a Christian, she is called to go forth and be fruitful and stores like this help with that. Unfortunately, what Lamar doesn’t know is that these toys will be put away for safekeeping until Andrea decides that she’s ready to be intimate with Lamar.

Angela has plans to make Lamar jump through many hoops before allowing him back in the marital bed, one being attending scripture study with her. As one can imagine, Lamar isn’t exactly thrilled with this idea.

According to Lamar, forcing someone to go to scripture study is wrong. He is also triggered by the way Mormons have excluded African Americans in the past. Tensions boil over when Andrea’s friend, Carrie, and Lamar spar back and forth before Lamar excuses himself from the table. Later, Andrea confesses that she is in major turmoil and feels as though their difference of opinion in faith could eventually make or break their marriage.


Life After Lockup: Clint and Tracie

Clint confesses that he feels very lost without Tracie by his side. He visits his parents and delivers the bad news that he’s decided to bond Tracie out of jail yet again. As one can imagine his mother is furious. “What’s it gonna take? It’s unbelievable to me” she screams.

But Clint always has an answer for everything and says that he knows will get his money back and he’s sure she won’t skip out on the bond. As far as Clint is concerned he doesn’t have anything to worry about. His mother pleads with him to reconsider but it appears Clint’s mind is made up. Clint makes good on his vow to bond his goddess out of the slammer. Now comes the hard part- waiting for Tracie’s court date while hoping that Tracie has no setbacks between now and then. Good luck with that Clint.

Life After Lockup: Brittany and Marcelino

Marcelino Santiago and Brittany Santiago meet with an attorney in hopes that they can discuss the possibility of reuniting with her two eldest children that she lost to adoption.

The attorney explains that when the court system terminates parental rights they effectively cut off all communication and contact to the children and the cases are kept confidential. He does give her some hope, however, stating that Brittany does have the right to access the court records.

Marcelino and Brittany come to the hard realization that they’re fighting an uphill battle and they will have to do some major detective work just to locate the court records, and even then so, it’s completely up to the children’s new guardians as to whether they allow Brittany to see them.


Life After Lockup: Michael, Megan and Sarah

Megan and B meet for a walk at the park. According to Megan, she needs to get back to focusing on her body after “eating all those lies” that Michael was cooking up.

Megan confesses that Michael has ghosted her once again since leaving Texas and she has no idea what he’s up to now. B advises Megan that she needs to end things with Michael for good. Unfortunately, it goes in one ear and out the other as Megan says she’s not ready to do that yet, citing their history and chemistry as reasons she can’t let him go. SO. DELUSIONAL.

Meanwhile, Michael, the one Megan has so much chemistry with, is actually en route to New York with his new mystery woman Maria. According to Michael, Maria is different than Megan or Sarah because she will agree to threesomes. BARF.

In a surprising turn of events, Michael probably makes the best decision of his entire life and chooses to leave Maria back at the hotel before heading to see Sarah and the girls. Before leaving the hotel, Maria lays down some ground rules, stating that Michael must stay in contact with her the entire time he is gone. LOL okay, Maria. Do you even know Michael???

Michael finally shows up at Sarah’s house to see his daughters and in a heartbreaking moment, Avianna becomes hysterical when she lays eyes on her father. It’s obvious that seeing Michael pop up randomly is very confusing for her. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Eventually, sweet Avianna warms up to her dad as she engages in a playful water gun fight with Michael. I think I speak for us all when I say I was rooting for her to spray him with that water gun right in his beady little eyes.

Later, Avianna’s grammy comes to pick her up and Michael and Sarah have an opportunity to talk freely to one another. All hell breaks loose when Michael reveals his plans to take his daughters to a hotel room with his new side piece. Sarah is LIVID and rightfully so.

Life After Lockup: Tony and Angela

Angela has plans to paint the town red with her sister and a couple of her other friends and Tony doesn’t understand why he can’t come. Angela tells Tony very matter of factly it’s because they don’t like him right now.

Tony asks Angela what time she’ll be home but she refuses to give him an answer, accusing him of wanting to know so he has time to slip back in the house before she gets home.

After her night out, Angela decides to put Tony to the test. She leads Tony to believe that she’s staying the night with Donna Faye, when in actuality she’s sitting outside of the house waiting to see if Tony tries to slip off.

Will Tracie make a fool out of Clint again? Will Brittany fight to be reunited with her children again? Will Angela catch Tony red-handed??? Tune into Life After Lockup next week to find out!


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