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Kandi Burruss Goes Off On Kenya Moore For Ruining Cynthia Bailey’s Surprise Proposal!

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Kenya Moore

Sunday’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will feature Cynthia Bailey’s surprise proposal but one jealous costar tries to ruin the special moment before it happens. 

In the clip below from the episode, the three ladies attend an event at Cynthia Bailey’s Wine Cellar, where her soon-to-be fiancé, Mike Hill, and his family members are in attendance.

Cynthia Bailey has no clue that her Fox Sports boyfriend plans to propose at the gathering but Kandi Burruss is aware and mentioned the exciting news to Kenya Moore. 

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And Kenya Moore seems determined to spoil Cynthia Bailey’s surprise proposal.

“So, all of his whole family is here?” Kenya Moore asks Cynthia with a big smile on her face. “I’m telling you I feel like he might propose tonight.”

“No, you don’t think he’s going to do it tonight?” a shocked Cynthia replies. “I don’t think he’s going to do it tonight.”

“I’m telling you my stomach has butterflies,” Kenya insists with an evil grin.

At the same time Gail ‘Yovanna’ Momplaisir walks up and greets Cynthia, Kandi uses the opportunity to pull Kenya aside to scold her shady co-star, “Why would you bring that up to her when you and I are talking on our own? That is not cool! Like, why would you do that?”

“Mike said to me, ‘Don’t leave yet. Don’t leave early.’ Basically giving me a heads up that he’s about to do something big, right?” Kandi says in a talking head confessional. “I give Kenya a little text: ‘I think he’s going to pop the question.’ Then all of a sudden she just blurts it out. Like, why? Why would you do that? Bitch.”

Press play to watch the shady moment in the clip below.


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