Lisa Vanderpump’s Employee Blasts Lisa Rinna For Calling His Boss ‘Transphobic’

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Lisa Vanderpump’s employee, Jojo Guadagno has got her back!

Jojo Guadagno leapt to Lisa Vanderpump’s defense after Lisa Rinna accused his boss of being “transphobic” over a joke about Erika Girardi “tucking,” on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Who knew [Lisa Vanderpump] was transphobic? Well, we know NOW! #LBGTQ,” Lisa Rinna tweeted in response to Vanderpump’s tucking comment.

In response to Rinna‘s attack on Vanderpump via Twitter, Jojo Guadagno replied, “I work for @LisaVanderpump & shes very supportive of the LGBTQ* community. U don’t even know what order to put the letters in lol.” 

Guadagno continued to defend Vanderpump in a second tweet.  “How serious is the world going to take the LGBTQ community if we falsely accuse and attack people who support us?” he asked via Twitter.

Lisa Vanderpump has been under fire since she made a crack about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Erika Jayne, on last week’s episode. 

The British businesswoman took the snarky “tucking under” shot at the dance queen after taking a filmed lie detector test — the polygraph strategy designed to prove her innocence in the “Puppygate” controversy.

As reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans stepped into the drama after a People magazine reporter, Dave Quinn, sounded off on Twitter — then later claimed to be a victim of a homophobic cyber attack.

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Many people doubted Quinn’s story — and connected Lisa Vanderpump’s castmates as co-conspirators in the alleged hoax. As soon as Quinn was accused of staging a fake cyber hate crime — he quickly deleted the hate mail tweet and made his Twitter private.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  airs on Tuesday nights, at 9 p.m., on Bravo TV.


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