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Gia and Milania Giudice Wants President Trump To Stop Their Father Joe Giudice’s Deportation!

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Gia and Milania Giudicedaughters of disgraced fraudster, Joe Giudice, wants U.S. President Trump to stop the deportation of their father.

On April 19, Gia Giudice, 18, reposted the following Instagram message, requesting President Trump halt her dad’s deportation back to Italy, “please help @realdonaldtrump Make a motion to pardon Joe Giudice,” the lengthy plea stated.

Read the entire message below:

“WE need EVERYONES HELP PLEASE REPOST ! How could we live and support a nation that Allows sex offenders and pedophiles to stay in the United States as long as we register them to a list knowing they could live next-door and harm again, yet they could take a man who committed a minor crime to support his family away from his family it makes me want to leave this country !!!!!!! #BringJOEHome !!!!!! #cnn #nbc #nbcnewyork #nbcnews #pix11news #trump #trumpmeme #donaldtrump do something intervene I voted for you because I support you and what you stand for And your strong belief to take a positive stance and make a change in this country aside from the fact that you supported your own campaign financially if you can do all of those things and all the things you have done I think you can make a motion to bring this man home back to his family instead of sending him to a country that he has no ties to besides his cultural background ✔️ please help @realdonaldtrump Make a motion to pardon Joe Giudice ?? 1 nation under God ! Gods in control nobody else ✝️??#FREEDOMofSpeech #PLEASEREPOST @teresagiudice @_giagiudice @milania_giudice356 @dancer_audriana_ @realdonaldtrump @donaldjtrumpjr @ivankatrump @cnn @nbcnews @pix11news”


Gia’s 14-year-old sister, Milania Giudice, shared a similar message pleading  for President Trump’s help to save her father. “we will never stop fighting for you daddy. It’s not the same without you. I miss you terribly. I wouldn’t be the person I am today with out you, I wouldn’t know how to stay strong. I need you home daddy. All I want is to be a family again. I love you endlessy buddy??#freejoegiudice @realdonaldtrump.” Gia’s Instagram post read.


On October 10, an immigration judge ruled the father of four be deported back to his native Italy.

Upon Joe Giudice’s prison release in March 2019, the father of four was immediately detained and escorted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to an immigration detention facility in Pennsylvania. He will be held there upon his deportation back to Italy.  

Given the severity of Joe Giudice’s crimes — classified as “aggravated felonies” — deportation was the only decision the judge could make. Despite Joe having lived and worked in the U.S. for over 44 years, being married to a U.S. citizen for nearly 20 years, and having four children born in the United States. 

Joe Giudice has arrests and convictions spanning over two decades:

  • Assault (Joe smashed a woman’s head into a mailbox in 1992)
  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Identity fraud (2014 conviction for using his brother’s identity to obtain a new license after he lost his because of a drunk-driving conviction)
  • Tax evasion
  • Multiple DUIs resulting in convictions and jail time 
  • Driving on a suspended license (Joe’s had his driver’s license suspended more than a dozen times)

President Trump has not responded to the public messages. 

Do you agree with Gia and Milania Giudice — should President Trump intervene in Joe Giudice’s immigration case? Sound off below!


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