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Immigration Judge Rules Joe Giudice Be Deported to Italy!

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Disgraced fraudster, Joe Giudice, has lost his appeal to overturn a deportation order against him, in federal court today.

On Wednesday, October 10 — judge, John Ellington, ruled Giudice be deported back to his native Italy, upon his release from federal prison in March 2019.

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This is the latest development in the convicted scammer’s battle to overturn the order to deport him from the United States, which was issued by Homeland Security on March 14, 2018. 

“Based upon the law, I find you deportable and ineligible for any kind of relief,” Judge John Ellington announced at the October 10 court hearing in Pennsylvania’s York Immigration Court, reports Radar Online.

In 2013, Joe and his wife, Teresa Giudice, were indicted on 39 counts including bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud, which netted the couple $5 million, over a 10-year period.

Giudice was convicted of three counts of bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion on income more than $1 million, and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, in 2014.

“Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law.”

The 46-year-old fought hard to reverse his deportation order — claiming he considers himself to be American, having spent a large part of his life in the US, and being married to an American citizen and having four children birthed in America.

“I’ve been here my whole life, I wouldn’t know what to do in any other country,” Giudice told the judge during a September 1 appeal hearing. “I want to stay here.”

His wife, Teresa, 46, was a no-show once again at Wednesday’s hearing, as her imprisoned husband begged the judge to keep him in America with his family. 

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As reported, Joe Giudice has been in active removal proceedings, due to his felony convictions from in 2014.

Appearing via teleconference from an Allenwood, Pennsylvania prison, Giudice immediately argued with the judge over the ruling.

“I don’t understand how I can be deported on this case,” he stammered, clearly shocked. “If you will, I’ll tell you my side. I shouldn’t even be here right now.”

“I have to go back and tell my kids this, and they’ve been waiting to hear from me.”

 Judge Ellington responded, “I get no joy in telling a family this news.”

“My charges are one of the lowest charges in this whole BOP facility or whatever you call it. I can explain,” cried Giudice, who is serving three years on fraud charges.

The judge stopped the Real Housewives of New Jersey dad from making incriminating statements, “I don’t think your attorney will want that, Mr. Giudice,” Ellington said.

Joe Giudice has a chance to file a final appeal by November 9.

Following Giudice’s departure from the United States, he is permanently forbidden to lawfully reenter US again. Giudice won’t be allowed to visit his wife and four daughters in America, but they can certainly visit him in Italy.

Stay tuned to as Joe Giudice’s deportation saga plays out. 


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