‘Below Deck’ Star Caroline Bedol EXPOSES Kate Chastain’s Alcohol Abuse & “Illegal” Career-Ending Secret!

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Below Deck co-stars, Kate Chastain and Caroline Bedol’s took some major drama to social media — and the cast newbie revealed that Kate is hiding a dark secret and has a drinking problem!

On October 23, Kate Chastain, 35, responded to a Below Deck fan calling her “mean,” after last week’s episode where the Chief Stewardess was caught bad-mouthing her Third Stewardess, Caroline behind her back. Press play below to watch the scene unfold.


Shortly after the episode aired, a fan tweeted “@Kate_Chastain  you are so mean! @BedolCaroline I like her. She has a hard life. Mom is sick! You never know what someone is going thru! Kate will never change, she is brutal!”

The 35-year-old reality starlet quickly responded to the fan calling her out, “I don’t know I feel like earning her a ton of money was pretty nice of me.” Kate Chastain replied.

Caroline responded to Kate’s shade by blasting her Below Deck boss — throwing out allegations of alcohol abuse and an illegal “secret” that would ruin Kate Chastain’s career, in a fiery social media post.

“I feel like keeping quiet all season about your inability to refrain from drinking at work was pretty nice of me. And if you did earn my money for me, that’s what, $2,000. Your little “secret” would cost you your career, considering it’s wildly illegal. Welcome,” Caroline tweeted on October 29.

Caroline doubled-down on her comment when a fan reminded her that former cast member, Rocky Dakota, said the same about Kate. “It’s not a secret. Might I also mention that it is quite literally impossible to deny that footage exists to prove these allegations. But integrity isn’t really the name of this game. I assure you though, Kate’s boozing is no secret,” Caroline wrote. 

Kate Chastain - Below Deck

Allegations of excessive drinking and cocaine abuse by Kate Chastain were also made by Below Deck alum, Bruno Duarte

In late January, Bruno threw out allegations of drug use, in a scathing social media post — Bruno labeled Kate a “sad and miserable person” — before slapping her with a cocaine addict label.  

“You should show to everyone how addicted to cocaine you are, as you are being so miserable and hateful,” Bruno wrote, adding — “I should have taken pictures with u and the dollar bills you used to snort coke.” Bruno wrote.

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 Caroline Bedol’s accusations about Kate Chastain’s drinking? Share your thoughts on the career-ending illegal secret Kate’s allegedly hiding. Sound off in the comments!


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