Shocking: Bruno Duarte Exposes #BelowDeck Costar Kate Chastain’s Cocaine Habit! (Exclusive)

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Below Deck co-stars, Kate Chastain and Bruno Duarte’s professional partnership was mildly contentious on season five of the Bravo reality series — but recent social media drama reveals that the relationship has taken a nasty nosedive.  

Bruno Duarte blasted Kate Chastain in late January, throwing out allegations of drug use, in a scathing social media post. Bruno labeled Kate a “sad and miserable person” — before slapping her with a cocaine addict label.  

“You should show to everyone how addicted to cocaine you are, as you are being so miserable and hateful,” Bruno wrote, adding — “I should have taken pictures with u and the dollar bills you used to snort coke.”

Kate Chastain came back at Bruno’s allegation — claiming that the deckhand was bitter over being shut out of the United States. 

“The only thing Bruno is more full of than himself is shit. He kissed my ass after filming because he wanted me to get him a job in the U.S.,” Kate tweeted. “I told him I wanted to wait until the season aired before I decided.” 

Bruno snapped back — accusing his reality co-star of “attacking” him and his family, likening Kate’s behavior to the pop hit, “Issues.” Kate Chastain then slammed Bruno for allegedly swiping content for his fitness website, and swindling people out of money, in an effort to hawk sexy cooking videos. 

The nasty online back-and-forth has since died down — but will Bruno’s lash-out spill over into the next season of Below Deck? 

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