AUDIO: Jeff Lewis Releases ‘Threatening’ Text Messages of Andy Cohen Blasting Him — Listen Here!

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Jeff Lewis Releases Scathing Text Messages From Andy Cohen!


Jeff Lewis is making enemies by the minute as his reality TV fame dwindles!

On Monday, Jeff Lewis may have sealed his fate with Bravo TV, when he shared a picture of himself on Instagram in which he’s standing in front of a white board bearing his image and decorated with phrases like “Your 15 minutes are up,” and “Better luck with radio.”

The photo, an obvious dig at Bravo, pissed off his boss, Andy Cohen, who according to the Flipping Out star, scoffed at the social media diss.

“As you know, Andy Cohen has been known to lose his temper with me,” Lewis said on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live, which is part of Cohen’s channel RadioAndy, on Tuesday. “After 11 years, we’ve been very much of a sibling type of a relationship.

Jeff  went on to read private text messages between himself and Andy Cohen — revealing a contentious relationship.

“I normally would never read his texts on air — but the reason I would read this is that he has changed his strategy with me,” Lewis says. “Yesterday, I think when it happened, he thought, ‘I’m not getting through to him by screaming at him. I’m not getting through to him by writing nasty, threatening texts. I’m going to try a different strategy.’”

The purported text messages starts with Andy Cohen asking Jeff  what was his goal in posting the photo, and Jeff responded with: “It’s a joke. Didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Would it be funny to Bravo?” Cohen allegedly asked.

“I hope so,” Jeff responded, before Cohen allegedly added, “I highly doubt it.”

“I wasn’t going after them in any way,” Jeff wrote to Cohen. “Just making fun of the situation.”

“Uh huh,” Cohen allegedly wrote back. “Looks to me like you’re vilifying the network. They usually pick up shows after they finish their season. But maybe you want to let competitors know you are open for business, which you are definitely doing.”

According to the interior designer, he was not “vilifying the network” but instead, “letting competitors know I’m a free agent” and even teased leaving Bravo for another network.

“You’re a very smart guy,” Jeff continued. “I’ll be at WE in no time. I really do like everybody at Bravo. It’s not personal.”

Andy Cohen then asked Jeff  rhetorically if he didn’t have an agent who could let competitors know he might be on the market for a new job.

“You’re just pissing everyone there off again and making them think Bravo is cancelling the show, which doesn’t make them look good,” Cohen allegedly wrote. “If you’re doing it to work somewhere else, I get it.”

“I’m always open to working with and for Bravo,” Jeff said. “There is no ill will from me.”

Jeff also stated that despite his contract expiring with the network, the future of his reality show, Flipping Out, is not officially cancelled. He noted that often, the network will wait until they collect the ratings to make a decision about renewal.

Later in the show, Jeff claims he received another text from Cohen allegedly telling him off for reading their messages aloud.

“I thought he looked like a smart, rational guy when he was giving that advice,” Jeff said of their earlier exchange, but then continued to read their conversation on air. “He just said, ‘You’re an a—hole.’ He said, ‘Don’t ever read my texts on air again. You’re an a—hole.’”

“I think we’re back to the old strategy!” Jeff added. “God, he’s funny.”

Listen to audio of Jeff Lewis exposing Andy Cohen’s private texts — press play below:

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