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NY Judge Blasts Jason Hoppy For Exploiting Dennis Shields’ Death!

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A New York City judge denied Jason Hoppy’s request for his ex-wife, Bethenny Frankel, to undergo drug and alcohol testing amid their custody battle over 8-year-old daughter Bryn.

“It is my job to see if there is a reasonable doubt, and so far I don’t see it,” Judge Michael Katz told the businessman, 48, during a hearing on Monday, October 15, according to, Radar Online. “She is allowed to occasionally go and drink without her daughter present. What exactly is your claim? That she goes out and occasionally has a drink? Because that’s not illegal.”

The judge accused Jason Hoppy of “trying to exploit Ms. Frankel to embarrass her” by requesting that she submit to drug testing after her boyfriend, Dennis Shields, died in August from a suspected overdose.

Jason’s attorney, Robert Wallack, pointed out in court that he saw the Real Housewives of New York Star, 47, “drinking alcohol with friends” on The Real Housewives of New York City. In response, her attorney, Allan Mayefsky, argued, “There was no evidence that Bethenny knew anything of Mr. Shields’ drug issues. This is all speculation. She is on television. She is entertaining. There is nothing wrong with that.”

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The former couple divorced in July 2016 after six years of marriage. She was granted a six-month restraining order against him after he was arrested in January 2017 for allegedly stalking and harassing her, which he vehemently denied.

Dennis Shields was found dead in his Trump Tower apartment on August 10,  after ingesting an unknown number of prescription oxycodone pills, according to police. Shields, evidently concerned about a possible overdose, asked his housekeeper to administer Narcan, which is used to block dangerous opiod levels. The housekeeper did so and called 911, but it was too late.

Jason Hoppy’s attorney, Wallack, claimed during an August 16 court hearing that Shields’ death “raises serious concerns about Ms. Frankel’s parental judgment” as the late banker “spent a great deal of time with Bryn.”


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