Thomas Ravenel & Ashley Jacobs Make Break Up Official — Delete Couple Pics On Social Media! #SouthernCharm

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Thomas Ravenel -Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel & Ashley Jacobs Make Break Up Official!


Ashley Jacobs dropped off social media after a messy rookie run on Southern Charm — and it now it appears that her former beau, Thomas Ravenel, has erased Ashley from his own social media memory.

Thomas was slammed by fans on Sunday, after posting a clarification — responding to the rumor that he demanded that his ex, Kathryn Dennis, take multiple drug tests, over a year-long period. Many fans accused Ashley of being behind the social media jab — but Thomas took the heat, until the indignant explanation disappeared. 

EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Jacobs Distraught After Losing Control of Thomas Ravenel Breakup Story! 

The firecracker post wasn’t the only thing the real estate developer wiped out.

Thomas has scoured his social media accounts, erasing all images of Ashley — including all cozy couple shots — leaving a happy mix of kiddie pics and proud daddy moments.

On Monday, the South Carolina real estate developer made the break up official by changing his Facebook relationship status from “In a Relationship,” to “Single.”

Thomas Ravenel -Southern Charm

Amid the social media drama, Ashley returned to Instagram on Tuesday with a revamped page — all memory of Thomas has been wiped clean.  

A source close to the action tells, “The break up is final. Ashley is moving back to California soon and Thomas is pleased.” was the first media outlet to report the messy break up between the Southern Charm couple, and expose nasty text messages between Ashley sent Thomas

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The breakup convo took place after Ashley discovered that Thomas had shared a spa day and a family weekend with his ex, Kathryn Dennis. Thomas and Ashley hit the skids — but the power to swing the breakup narrative was then scooped. Ashley denied the revealed split on Instagram, but soon deleted her fib.

EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Jacobs Fired Amid Split With Thomas Ravenel Over Family Sleepover With Kathryn!

A picture — or the lack thereof — is worth a thousand words. Share your thoughts on the latest development in Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs’ break up. Sound off in the comments!


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