#SouthernCharm Ashley Jacobs Reveals Gold Digging Motives With Thomas Ravenel!

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#SouthernCharm Ashley Jacobs Reveals Gold Digging Motives With Thomas Ravenel!

Southern Charm
cast volunteer, Ashley Jacobs, has spent much of her season smack in the middle of a social media firestorm.

Her filmed effort to legally land Thomas Ravenel has been slammed by outspoken viewers, many questioning the California nurse’s motives. Fans might be surprised to learn that Ashley Jacobs has asked herself the same hard questions. 

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Bravo released a revealing after-show clip, where Ashley explains how she sees Thomas’ understandable concerns.

“Especially dating a younger woman is…” Ashley rambles in the clip. “What are their intentions? I’m an older man, I have money, I’m on a show, are they here for me…are they using me?”

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assures viewers that she sincerely empathizes with Thomas’ plight — before dropping a telling bomb. 

“I’d think the same thing..because I even had to question my own intentions,” Ashley declares.

Southern Charm - Ashley Jacobs Reveals Gold Digging Motives

Several cast members weigh in on the Ashley factor — but Austen Kroll cranks it up a notch with his biting commentary.

“I can’t believe we are talking about Ashley so much, this makes me sick,” Austen begins. “When I met her she was like ‘I just saw Thomas at a polo match’ and I was like, ‘bitch you knew who he was, and you approached him because you knew that he was Thomas Ravenel.’

Austen adds that he chose to keep his thoughts to himself, before Craig chimes in, shading Ashley’s cross-country move for love.

Thomas revealed that Ashley Jacobs came onto him at a California bar, early in the season.

What do you think about Ashley Jacobs’ confession? Sound off in the comments, and watch the Southern Charm finale, Thursday night, on Bravo.


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