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EXCLUSIVE: #RHOC Kelly Dodd Fat Shames Vicki Gunvalson’s Friend In Vulgar Rant Then Plays Victim!

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Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Kelly Dodd Fat Shames!


Kelly Dodd is known as a hot head who loses her cool in the face of conflict — and once again, The Real Housewives of Orange County pit bull, hit gutter low in a new vulgar fat shaming attack.

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 entered an ugly sparring match with Vicki Gunvalson’s friend, Cory Larrabee on Friday, and things quickly spiraled. 

The RHOC star confronted Larrabee in his DMs (Direct Messages), over a comment he made in response to Dodd’s July 23rd Watch What Happens Live appearance. During the After Show, Dodd shaded Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with her boyfriend, Steve Lodge — Dodd starts off complimentary but ends with an insult. Watch below.

Larrabee quickly came to Vicki’s defense in a fiery post slamming Dodd, “…it’s clear to me that Kelly needs to check herself into rehab for alcoholism,” Larrabee tweeted on July 25. “You can just see it on her face that she needs professional help immediately.” Read the entire post below.

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Larrabee’s opinion of Dodd’s behavior enraged the divorcee — and she attacked like a nasty, bullying thug in a series of private messages exclusively obtained by AllAboutTheTea.com.

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The RHOC star’s first message to Larrabee read, “Hey fat f*ck! Who are you to say that I’m an alcoholic? Who in the hell are you?? Dumb f*ck! Get a life you loser!” Then she messaged Larrabee a screenshot of his social media diss from July 25.

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Dodd followed up with threats to sue Larrabee over his personal opinion of the public figure. “Me an alcoholic? Shut the f*ck up! You don’t know me! I should sue your a*s! For defamation don’t talk about me! You’ve never met me.” 

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Larrabee reminded the 42-year-old that they previously filmed a scene together in Vicki’s office. Kelly Dodd rebutted with more crude insults and legal threats. 

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Not finished, Dodd then went on social media to sic her 500K followers on Larrabee in an inflammatory post filled with accusations — she wrote:

“THIS GUY IS HARASSING ME & MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS!! HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED THIS LUNATIC! Stop stalking me!! HE IS BEST FRIENDS WITH @vickigunvalson I MET HIM ONCE HE WAS SO UNMEMORABLE I FORGOT MEETING THIS WHACK JOB! #GETALIFE #LOSER #LUNATIC #WHACKO #SATAN…those aren’t his kids that was him when he was little ! @jljefflewis and @tamrajudge will testify this guy is Wacko Jacko!” Dodd tagged Jeff Lewis and Tamra Judge in her post.

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

AllAboutTheTea.com did some digging and could not locate any proof to substantiate Kelly Dodd’s claims of Larrabee’s stalking and harassment. 

Share your thoughts on Kelly Dodd’s attack on Larrabee (a RHOC fan and private citizen) over his opinion of the public figure’s behavior. Sound off in the comments!


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