#RHOC RECAP: New Girl Gina Kirschenheiter Rakes Vicki Gunvalson Over the Coals!

Gina Kirschenheiter - RHOP

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Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson - RHOC

RHOC RECAP: New Girl Gina Kirschenheiter Rakes Vicki Gunvalson Over the Coals!


We begin this week’s RHOC with a fun trip to the orthopedic specialist. As you recall, last week Tamra broke her foot jumping into a hot tub in Mexico with Shannon and Vicki. Vicki is now driving Tamra to the doctor’s visit because Eddie is sick of her antics she’s trying to be a good friend. Tamra and Vicki ask the doctor when she’ll be able to whoop it up again because that’s most important. The doctor says a “frustrating fracture” takes forever to heal so no whooping for a while. The ladies talk about Vicki setting up Kelly’s ex-husband. Secretly, Tamra is on Team Kelly, but not to Vicki’s face.

Next we join Emily who is very handsy with her trainer in front of her kids and in-laws. The family workout begins. Emily adores her mother-in-law whom she refers to as Pocket Pary on account of she’s tiny. Pocket Pary wants to know what’s taking so long for her son to pass the bar already. Oy vey. Pocket Pary says Shane should either take the damn test or shut up about it. Everyone needs a Pocket Pary!

Gina Kirschenheiter - RHOP

Kelly and Vicki meet at a cafe to hash out their disagreement. When Vicki walks in, Kelly ignores her for a few seconds to show who the alpha bitch is. Kelly explains she’s still hurt that Vicki set Michael up and didn’t tell her. Vicki blames Kelly’s daughter Jolie for her presence, then blames Michael because he was supposed to tell Kelly. Bottom line, it’s not Vicki’s fault, so move on and stop looking for a reason to be mad!

Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd - RHOC

The ladies then get into an argument about respect. Do you demand it or command it? Earn it or deserve it? Kelly thinks Vicki is pushing her aside now that she and Tamra are back on track. Kelly lashes out and tells Vicki as soon as she and Steve break up, she’s setting him up on a date. This sinks in and Vicki apologizes to Kelly. Kelly forgives Vicki, but she never forgets. #spoileralert

Kelly Dodd - RHOC

Over at Shannon’s house, she’s calls her daughters downstairs to sample her healthy recipes that have “flavor.” Currently, Shannon has a deal in the works with QVC that could set her up nicely. After tasting the samples, the girls are somewhat reserved with their compliments, but tell their mom she has as good a chance as anyone to get picked. (About 20%.)

We are going to the zoo today with Gina, her mom and her very excited kids. This is the conversation in the car. “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.” Sorry, but I would wear earbuds. At the petting zoo, Gina’s son wants a pet snake and Gina says they have to ask daddy when he gets home, and that’s not until three wake-ups. Just say no now Gina. Please don’t add a snake to the mix.

Tonight is our first RHOC dinner with all the ladies, so this should be fun, and by fun I mean, a classic mess! We see in flashbacks that Shannon has a track record of not getting along with the newbies. Tamra scooters in with her broken foot alongside Shannon. Gina arrives and she and Shannon actually have a lot in common. Emily arrives and orders an old-fashioned which Tamra thinks is a shot. When Vicki shows up, the Tres Stooges Amigos do their hip thrust, head turn, thing. Kelly is the last to arrive.

Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd - RHOC

As they dine, it doesn’t take long for Gina to insult anyone who lives in Newport — and of course that would be Shannon. Shannon is clearly annoyed by the RHOC newbie but stifles her emotions in a slice of pizza. She tells the gang about her new healthy food line coming out on QVC. It has flavor. Emily asks questions about the deal, but Shannon starts talking about her yo-yo weight gain and her ex-husband, who is now dating someone 20 years younger.

Tamra Judge and Emily Simpson - RHOC

Guess what? Kelly can top that. Her friend (points to Vicki) set her ex up with one of her friends and didn’t tell her. Vicki tries to shut down the conversation because they’ve already hashed this out five hours ago. Emily and Gina are both saying it’s wrong and there’s a girl-code, while Tamra and Shannon are noticeably quiet. Gina crosses the line and asks what kind of “loser friend” does that. 

Gina Kirschenheiter - RHOP

Kelly is loving the reaction from the newbies — Vicki, not so much.

Vicki Gunvalson - RHOP

So get this, Kelly’s new “Mr. Right This Second” just happens to be at the same restaurant. What a co-inky-dink. He sits down at the table with the ladies and starts making out with Kelly. Eww. Everyone just ate. But now we know how to shut these women up. They are speechless with Kelly and her friend and decide to leave. In the parking lot, the tres amigos say they will be keeping a close eye on Gina.

Kelly Dodd - RHOP

Construction is still going on at Tamra and Eddie’s new house as Tamra rolls around on her scooter, burning sage in the house, trying to rid the negative energy. They’ve had set backs and delays on their house, not to mention Tamra’s foot and Eddie’s heart are under construction, too. And now Eddie needs stronger meds to restrict his heart rate, forcing Tamra to contemplate a sexless life. The doorbell rings and it’s Gina. Tamra informs Gina that Vicki hates her and Gina informs Tamra that she doesn’t care. In fact, Gina thinks Vicki should be more worried about her. Gina, are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable on RHONJ?

Tamra Judge - RHOP

Over at Emily’s house, she is getting some pointers from her sweet daughter about how to talk with someone and get what you want. Emily needs to tell Shane how disappointed she is his mother is about his not retaking the bar exam. Shane says he needs to do this for himself, not for his wife mother. And he’ll need certain things to accomplish it, like 10 months of no children bothering him and time off from work to study. Kind of like his college days. And just like those days, no promises he’ll pass.

Emily Simpson - RHOC

A few days later, Emily and Vicki go for a walk at the beach to talk about the girls’ dinner. Vicki says Gina shouldn’t have voiced her opinion since she’s not involved. Gina explains she only voiced her opinion on girl-code and stands by it today. Gina explains to Vicki she’s a shit-talker to someone’s face, not behind their back. We learn that Gina is 33, the same age as Vicki’s daughter, Briana. Something tells me these two will not be whooping it up anytime soon.

On next week’s RHOC episode, the women play poker and argue yet again about Vicki setting up Kelly’s ex on a date and not telling her. Pocket Pary gets involved!


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