#SouthernCharm Reunion Part 2 Recap: Ashley Jacobs Plays Victim & Blames Thomas Ravenel!

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#SouthernCharm Reunion Part 2 Recap: Ashley Jacobs Plays Victim!


Ashley Jacobs took the Southern Charm reunion stage on last night’s episode, spinning her frenetic side of the story for host Andy Cohen, a clenched cast, and the Bravo audience. 

Southern Charm Reunion

Ashley’s begins her rookie tale while being jabbed by about a dozen side-eyes — the cast on edge about what the Cali wildcard might say. Ashley explains away her disastrous debut by labeling her performance a big joke on them, and her misunderstood sense of humor the real culprit. Ashley’s dramatic weight loss is addressed, which she blames on stress and filming jitters. Andy points out that she wasn’t filming during her skeletal phase, so she throws social media hyperactivity onto the list.

Southern Charm Reunion

Andy asks about the couple’s early days, and Ashley shares that Thomas, a silly, romantic devil, was impressed by her career. She describes their home life as one giggle after the other — that is — on the days she’s not being starved by anxiety and stress. Andy asks how the assault investigation has affected their romance, and Ashley enthusiastically assures him that their love story has only gotten cozier amid the legal pressure. Ashley expects Thomas to be cleared, and doesn’t flinch when Andy mentions that her beloved boinked his baby mama after they began dating.

Ashley says that she was initially scared of Kathryn, as Bravo rewinds the duo’s first interaction. Ashley predictably calls Thomas a wimp, and confirms that she met the children a week after they connected. Ashley and Kathryn debate Thomas’ favorite places to get dirty, which evidently do not include random bathrooms. Shep raises a “don’t knock it til ya try it” eyebrow. 

Southern Charm Reunion

Bravo rewinds captured footage of the messy relationship, and Ashley announces that she’s not sure that she reallllly wants to marry Thomas. No one believes her. She denies being a cheap gold digger, because she knows how to dig, and Thomas’ gold ain’t that great. Thomas’ blatant flirting with Kathryn is addressed, but Ashley reminds them all that she was/is beyond secure — even back then. Earlier in the episode, she referenced being stressed and lost during the same time period — but who’s counting the contradictions? 

Ashley blames Thomas for posting the Halloween family pic, and bashes Kathryn for not joining the faux family fun. She also reveals that she expected a Gwynn’s giveaway during that filmed shopping jaunt with Patricia, but scored the $10k worth of clothes anyway, courtesy of Thomas’ measly bank account. Ashley claims that Thomas’ wallet is always open, but Kathryn begs to differ. Ashley busts Patricia for cheering Team Ashley, at least until a shady interloper shoved her over to the dark side. Ashley references the social media hysteria, and how outside influences aided in the torching of Thomas and Patricia’s relationship.

Andy addresses the Hilton Head getaway, and Ashley shrugs off the birthday party beg as a secure desire to be included. Thomas’ lash out on the ferry is rehashed, and the cast jumps at the chance to dissect the drama. Cameran decides to crank out judgements, despite not even being present at the time. Ashley and Kathryn bicker over drug tests, until Kathryn declares her adversary a clueless a-hole. Ashley admits to being a vacation bitch, and also regrets that she chose to act like an unhinged nut on camera. She calmly states that she holds fast to the opinion behind the hurtful jabber, inviting fresh gasps from the cast. The women continue to slam Thomas’ existence, and a random story is told about a lovers spat, involving a loony brat and wasted takeout food. The cast badgers Ashley to drop the southern cad, with Cameran leading the charge.

The escort rumor is debated, evidently THE hot topic in Santa Barbara. Kathryn questions the nature of Ashley and Thomas’ relationship, and Craig wonders if the new girl is plotting to boil Thomas’ bunny. Ashley swears that lots has changed, including her previous claim that she wasn’t ready for marriage. Ashley asks Andy to officiate the nuptials, the half joke dropping like a rock and prompting a group cringe. The nasty exchange at the Winter Wonderland ball is replayed, and Kathryn retells Ashley to eff-off for that egg donor comment. They debate who’s the most horrible, and everyone votes Thomas, the dastardly brainwasher. Kathryn tells Ashley off one last time, before the runaround chatter mercifully ends. The cast looks alarmed, bewildered, exhausted, and of course, relieved. Backstage, Ashley dabs away a few more tears, before sputtering her final dodgy thoughts.

The bottom line? Ashley Jacobs isn’t going anywhere. 

That’s a wrap y’all! Do you believe we’ve seen the last of Ashley Jacobs — or has the madness only just begun? 


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