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#SouthernCharm Ashley Jacobs Taunts Kathryn Dennis With Heartless Brookland Plantation Posts!

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Kathryn Dennis and Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

The past and present collided on the last episode of Southern Charm — a visit to Thomas Ravenel’s country home, Brookland Plantation, an unnerving ordeal for Kathryn Dennis.

Thomas Ravenel’s
current girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, has had quite the opposite experience — and isn’t letting Kathryn forget it.   

Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

Kathryn spent her first year as a mother at Brookland, battling depression as she navigated an uncertain future. As Kathryn opened up about her unsettling return to the property during a cast polo event, Ashley Jacobs was putting out a string of real-time social media posts, crowing about blissful summer days spent on the plantation. 

#SouthernCharm Ashley Reveals Gold Digging Motives With Thomas Ravenel! 

An in-the-know source confirms that Ashley is intentionally jabbing at Kathryn.  

Ashley has been taunting Kathryn with all the plantation social media pics,” says our insider. “She loves pushing Kathryn’s misery back in her face.”

Kathryn described feeling lonely, sad, and isolated during the pivotal period in her life. Ashley continues to gush over Brookland, aka her “piece of heaven.” Certainly her prerogative — but also a likely knife-twist into Kathryn’s decision to reveal her emotional struggle.

Ashley Jacobs - Southern Charm

What do you think about Ashley Jacobs’ shady social media timing?

Watch the Southern Charm finale — Thursday night, at 9:00 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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