#RHOP RECAP: The Green-Eyed Bandits Object to Monique’s France Trip!

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RHOP RECAP - Karen Huger

RHOP Recap: The Green-Eyed Sisters Object to Monique’s France Trip!

Welcome back to the RHOP after an oddly placed one week hiatus. We begin with Karen and Candiace as they get their feet munched on by little fishies. Up walks Kyndall because Karen has put Gizelle in a timeout and she’s using Kyndall to piss off her RHOP nemesis. Candiace discusses how awful she was to Chris for calling her a princess and the horrible things she said about his dad. Karen says she would have left Candiace if she had spoken to her that way.

RHOP RECAP - Kyndall Douglas

Next we check in with Monique and husband Chris at a wine and cheese bar. Chris is tired of Monique placing her attention elsewhere and yet he’s proud of her, too. He asks what’s up with Charrisse who has all but disappeared. Then they discuss Monique’s upcoming birthday. Chris tells Monique she can forget about the Lamborghini because that ain’t happening, but he wants to send her and the girls on a trip anywhere. Monique is so happy, she asks Chris when he wants another baby. His answer, not surprising, is tonight.

RHOP RECAP - Chris and Monique Samuels

Up next we check in with Ashley at Oz to discuss a new event called open mic down under. Ashley is still struggling that Michael doesn’t want to have a baby with her. She hopes her singing will change his mind. Spoiler alert: it won’t. Ashley’s mom will be there so we’ll see how much of a trooper Michael actually is.

RHOP Recap - Ashley Darby

Over at Monique’s house she has her adorable kids helping out with the invites. For her 34th birthday they will be going on a European vacation to France. Chris asks if she thinks Gizelle and Robyn will go. Good question. The answer: Duh, of course they’ll go, it’s not on their dime. Monique decides to entice the ladies by delivering the invitations in person by a French mime.

RHOP RECAP - Chris and Monique Samuels

Robyn is at her townhouse with her boys, doing dishes, when the doorbell rings. It’s the French mime with a white painted face, cliché black beret and striped shirt. He opens up his suitcase and pulls out an old fashioned tape recorder. The invitation is read in French, but Robyn has no clue what this clown isn’t talking about. The mime hands over the real invitation. Robyn reads it and is even more confused. Why in the heck would Monique invite her to the South of France?

RHOP Recap - Robyn Dixon

Across town, Gizelle is meeting Karen for lunch at an outdoor café to discuss their broken friendship. Karen lets Gizelle know how she’s wronged by her and Robyn. All of the sudden, the mime strolls by. There is something so ridiculous that I’m no longer interested in Gizelle and Karen’s beef with each other. The mime gestures that he is trapped in a box which is exactly how I feel. The mime walks away and Gizelle and Karen continue to bicker. Gizelle wants to know why Karen is suddenly hanging out with Kyndall. The mime returns and Gizelle and Karen get all freaked out — and they get up and leave without Karen calling for security once.

RHOP - Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant

Next we are visiting a lawyer friend so Candiace and Chris can purchase “marriage insurance” also known as a prenup. As far as assets go, all of what Candiace has belongs to her mom. Chris has a restaurant, but he also has partners. Then we get to the tricky subject of alimony. Candiace says she wants the coin if Chris finds a “concubine.” The lawyer advices the #RHOP couple that they need separate lawyers. Nothing is accomplished other than to show us these two will most likely not make it down the aisle.

RHOP RECAP - Candiace Dillard

Monique visits Charrisse at home to see what’s up with their shaky friendship. Charrisse says there’s been a shift and that shift is called friend-poaching. Monique cries because in this group of messy women, Charrisse is the only one she cares about. Charrisse hugs Monique several times because she realizes she’s guilty for being immature not speaking up sooner. Monique hopes their trip to France will repair friendships. As the two patch things up, Monique receives a text from Gizelle declining the invite to the RHOP France. But get this, the decline is for Robyn, too. Seriously? Robyn can’t text her own snub? It’s not like real estate is keeping her that busy.

RHOP RECAP - Monique Samuels and Charisse Jackson Jordan

It’s open mic night at Oz! Michael had a last minute business trip, but as long as there aren’t any weather delays, he should be there. Ashley’s mom and the other ladies trickle in. Gizelle and Robyn tell Ashley they will not be going to France because their asses haven’t been kissed enough and the plane ride will be a nightmare. For a preview of what the flight will be like, Karen and Robyn get into a heated argument about Karen being a liar.

RHOP Recap

Monique arrives and asks Gizelle if they can talk privately. They go to a booth and Monique explains the reason she ignored Gizelle at the CBC event was because she didn’t want to cause drama. Monique thought it best to totally ignore Gizelle and everyone standing with Gizelle. Gizelle says this proves the women can’t get along for more than ten minutes. Monique points out that they all (sort of) got along during last year’s RHOP Bermuda getaway, so why not the South of France. Gizelle says she’ll go if Robyn goes. Girl, of course you’ll go. It’s the South of France.

RHOP RECAP - Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels

Michael makes it on time to hear Ashley sing. She’s nervous because she hasn’t sung in six years and it shows. Ashely’s mom sits down next to Michael, but he gives her the cold Australian shoulder. Ashley sings along with her brother about the perils of love. Candiace says Ashley won’t be paying her bills with her singing, said the girl whose mom pays for everything.

RHOP RECAP - Ashley Darby

Monique talks with Robyn to see if she’ll go to France with the group. Robyn asks Gizelle if it’s okay to say yes because Robyn can’t say yes without Gizelle’s permission. Gizelle says yes, so the RHOP crew is going to France. Tres bien! The next few weeks should be c’est intéressant.


Pack your beret because we’re going to France on the next episode of RHOP! Catch up on previous recaps here.


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