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#SouthernCharm Austen Kroll’s Girlfriend Victoria Did Sexual Favor For Shep Rose! (Exclusive)

Southern Charm - Shep Rose, Austen Kroll and Victoria Bolyard

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Southern Charm - Shep Rose, Austen Kroll and Victoria Bolyard

The love lives of the Southern Charm cast are more dramatic and complicated than a Jane Austen novel.

As fans know, Austen Kroll, 31, stole Chelsea Meissner, 33, away from his buddy Shep Rose — but his skirt-chasing pal may have gotten the sweetest revenge!

Austen is involved in a love triangle with Victoria Bolyard, 30, and Chelsea, on the current season of the Bravo reality series. The breakup of Austen and Chelsea was addressed when Season 5 of Southern Charm premiered. Chelsea broke things off with Austen, and Austen did the next best thing — started dating Chelsea’s BFF, Victoria.

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AllAboutTheTea.com has learned some scandalous tea — one of the women entangled in Austen’s love triad, engaged in a sex act with her crush, behind Austen’s back!

“Victoria and Shep would playfully flirt by text and phone. Nothing serious.” A source tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

“Early one morning in November, she went to Shep’s house and they got frisky. They made out and Victoria ended up giving Shep a blow job!” The source adds, “They hooked up a few more times after that.”

According to the Charleston snitch, Austen is completely in the dark about Shep and Victoria’s hook ups. 

“He [Austen] has no clue what happened between Victoria and Shep. The news would crush his big ego. And Victoria is very private, so this secret going public would embarrass her.”

Did Shep Rose violate bro code by engaging in a sexual act with Austen’s woman? Sound off in the comments!


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