‘Monster’ Mom! Tamra Judge DENIES Simon Barney Tickets to Son’s Graduation — He Begs Public For Help!

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Simon Barney is being shut out of his son’s high school graduation — seemingly by ex, Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge.

Simon took to social media on Wednesday, posting messages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — offering cash to anyone with an extra  ticket into his son, Spencer’s milestone event.

“Does anyone have an extra ticket to San Juan Hills HS 2018 graduation. I didn’t receive a ticket and they are sold out,” Simon wrote. “I’m desperate to go to my sons graduation and will pay. Please contact me on this account if you do. Thanks in advance.”

The graduation is scheduled for June 7th.  

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answered the obvious question in his Instagram plea — revealing that Tamra was issued five tickets — but was refusing to give one up. The photo on his post reminded followers that he had encouraged his daughter, Sidney, to invite her estranged mother to her own ceremony, in June, 2017. The gesture of goodwill later backfired, when Tamra posted family photos from the event, against her daughter’s wishes.

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revealed that Tamra was holding out, in the comment section. 
“My x won’t give me one of the 5 she got and I can’t find one through normal channels,” he wrote.


A bitter custody battle severed the Barney family, after the couple split in 2010. Sidney has publicly blasted her mother, alleging abuse, neglect and a refusal to respect her wishes — after repeatedly asking be left out of the Bravo narrative. Despite Sidney’s request, Bravo continued to chronicle Tamra’s noisy heartache — the reality star’s participation in themed documentary project, Erasing Family, even featured on the show.


Do you think that Simon will find a way into his son’s big day? Who do you think is behind the high school diss?

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming, and is expected to return this fall.     


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