#SouthernCharm Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Custody Agreement Update & Beloved Nanny Deirdre Politelli FIRED! (Exclusive)

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The fifth season of Southern Charm premieres Thursday night, and fans will soon see just how much has changed with the Charleston based cast. 

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis continue to navigate a court ordered custody agreement, and AllAboutTheTea.com has an exclusive update on where the ex-couple stands today. Thomas and Kathryn share two children, Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2.

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and Kathryn are in Phase 5 of their custody outline, the original court agreement put into action on June 28, 2017.

According to an insider close to the ongoing case, Thomas and Kathryn are nearing the finish line of their somewhat messy ordeal.

Thomas and Kathryn are in the final phase of the agreement, and are in the process of setting up a final mediation date with their attorneys,” an insider reveals to AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. “They are preparing to review all phases completed thus far, hammer out a final 50/50 custody agreement, and determine a child support figure.”

A source adds that Kathryn will be required to undergo another psych evaluation before the custody arrangement is finalized. According to the agreement, Kathryn was required to stay clean for a period of one year, in order to advance toward a final mediation resolution.

Thomas has not ordered Kathryn to undergo drug testing in recent months.”

The document reveals that Thomas’ longstanding nanny Deirdre Politelli, would be let go if Kathryn successfully completed Phase I of the custody agreement. Deirdre has appeared spottily on the South Carolina based reality show. 

“The parties agree that neither Party shall employ the present nanny DP or her daughter PP, after Mother completes Phase I. Father shall employ a new nanny upon the beginning of Mother’s Phase II visitation,” the document reads. “Each Party will consult with the other prior to hiring any new nanny. In the event of a disagreement, Father shall have the ultimate decision making authority on the nanny(s) hired to care for the minor children.”

The source clarifies that Kathryn was the one who pushed Deirdre out of Kensie and Saint’s life.

Deirdre was dismissed in order for Thomas and Kathryn to move forward,” reveals our insider. “Thomas was not happy about it, and was very sad to see her go.” A source tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

The public custody case has taken many twists and turns — but it appears that the reality rollercoaster might be almost over. Do you believe that Thomas and Kathryn will be able to co-parent peacefully? 

Catch up with Thomas, Kathryn, and the rest of the Charmers on Southern Charm, Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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