#MarriedToMedicine Dr. Contessa Responds to Nanny Ms. Renee’s Allegations of Fake Storyline & No Pay!

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Renee Byrd made an impressive splash on the last season of Married to Medicine, playing the part of a high-volume nanny on the fifth season of the Atlanta based hit.

Renee recently spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.com, pointing to fake storylines and broken promises — busting Dr. Contessa Metcalfe for egging on misleading drama, and reneging on a promise to share the Bravo cash.   

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Contessa’s Nanny Ms. Renee Spills Tea — FAKE Storyline, No Pay & Contessa’s Salary Revealed! (Part 1)

dished the behind-the-scenes dirt on a messy season, a ride which ultimately ended her relationship with the reality doc. Contessa initially remained quiet about Renee’s revealed side of the story — but spoke out after Renee labeled her a heavy drinker and mentally unstable.   

‘Contessa Is Bipolar!’ ‘Married To Medicine Dr. Contessa’s Nanny Ms. Renee Spills More Shocking Tea! (Exclusive Part 2)

responded to the allegations on Sunday — blasting “Miss Renee’s” story. Contessa likened her former faux nanny as “yesterday’s dust” on Twitter — after Renee called the medical pro “bipolar.”

“I’m not an alcoholic…they drink more than me. Every day she [Contessa]  drank [alcohol],” Renee claimed, before dropping a bombshell.

Contessa is bipolar,” Renee added. 

“The thirst for attention when you have been DISMISSED and SWEPT AWAY like yesterday’s dust is SO REAL!!! (SMDH)” Contessa snapped back.

Dr. Contessa was recently exposed for not practicing as a board certified doctor — and it appears that Renee might have put her reality star cred in check.   

Exclusive: ‘Married to Medicine’ Did Dr. Contessa Quit Working & Stay Home Because She’s NOT Board Certified?

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