‘Contessa Is Bipolar!’ ‘Married To Medicine Dr. Contessa’s Nanny Ms. Renee Spills More Shocking Tea! (Exclusive Part 2)

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AllAboutTheTea.com spoke exclusively to Renee Byrd and got the true tea on her experience on Married to Medicine as Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s “nanny.” Read part-two of our interview below.

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As fans know, Ms. Renee was portrayed as the out-spoken nanny from hell on camera — but according to Ms. Renee, it was all lies, broken promises and production fakery. 

We asked Ms. Renee, who clarified that she never disrespected Contessa, what the real deal was behind that messy 90’s party. 

“At the 90’s party, I was there as a guest, not a nanny. But when I got there she asked me to get the kids ready, fix them breakfast and take them to their program but I didn’t come there to work,” Renee explained. “Then she started having a nasty attitude with me because of the party (stress). When I got back, I tried to take a shower and get ready, but she asked me can I come get the kids and take them upstairs, while they set up downstairs.”

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Ms. Renee
explained that when Contessa started barking orders at her about the kids, it upset her.

“The producers asked me to put a mic on and I said no because I was there as a guest that day. I walked out because of the way she was talking to me and threw a rubber toy I had in my hand on the ground, not at her,” Renee said. “”I don’t know I was being taped during that argument because I wasn’t mic’d.” 

Ms. Renee said that she later discovered that Contessa and her husband, Scott, convinced production that she threw the toy at Contessa, not at the ground.

Ms. Renee addressed rumors pointing to her having a problem with alcohol — which she vehemently denied.

“I’m not an alcoholic…they drink more than me. Every day she [Contessa]  drank [alcohol],” Renee claimed, before dropping a bombshell. 

Contessa is bipolar,” Renee added.

Fans saw Contessa squirm when Andy Cohen asked the rookie about her current relationship with Renee — for good reason.

Contessa told me, ‘don’t think you’re gonna be on the reunion.,’” Renee said, before clarifying just how the relationship tanked.

“After I saw how I was portrayed on the show, I went on Instagram to clear my name. After I did that, Contessa texted me, demanding my passwords and said I better delete that stuff,” Renee explained. “She was nasty. She didn’t want me to tell the people the truth.”

The third part of the Married to Medicine reunion wrapped on March 23 — check out our exclusive recap on Cecil Whitmore’s best friend, Tammy here.


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