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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Heavenly Facing Charges After Vandalizing Mariah Huq’s Property Valued At $400 on ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion?

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The struggle is real for Married to Medicine creator/executive producer, Mariah Huq — and on tonight’s reunion episode, fans will see just how lonely it is at the top.

As reportedMariah pulled out all the stops for a cushy reunion experience — a luxury setup, setting a hopeful stage for a positive post-season experience.

Mariah wanted to be comfortable. She set up her dressing room in royal style,” a production source dished toAllAboutTheTea.com.

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On part-one of the Season 5 reunion, fans will see a large poster of Mariah on her dressing room door — and cameras catch Heavenly Kimes red-handed — proudly defacing the executive producer’s personal property. In the aftermath, Mariah breaks down in tears — and refuses to re-enter the reunion lion’s den.

“The image Mariah had made for her door was gorgeous — and it appeared that Heavenly marked it up in a mean-girl fit of jealousy,” explained the behind-the-scenes source.

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 can confirm that the jealous lash-out was sparked by a filmed squabble over social media backbiting between Mariah and Heavenly. Quad Webb-Lunceford unnecessarily interjects herself into the argument — clearly thirsty to shove her way into any conflict regarding Mariah. Heavenly, evidently amped by Quad’s cosign, childishly reacts during a cast break.

Heavenly was triggered when she passed Mariah’s fabulous reunion space,” says our insider. “She wrecked a $400 poster — and should have been charged with vandalism.”

Viewers know that the Atlanta based reality show seeks to give fans a peek into the medical community, while chronicling the sometimes messy relationships within the cast. But keeping things MD-classy is tough with Dr. Heavenly on board — and viewers will get a glimpse of the push-and-pull on tonight’s explosive episode.

Should Dr. Heavenly face criminal charges over her act of vandalism? Watch part one of the Married to Medicine reunion — tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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