‘Married To Medicine’ Gets A Ratings Boost After Show Creator Mariah Huq Returns!

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Mariah Huq reentered the Married to Medicine mix on the show’s December 8th airing — and fans cheered.

The creator/executive producer of the Atlanta based reality series was strangely shoved into the Season 5 shadows — but the decision to bring in Mariah is now bringing in the numbers.

According to the Top 50 Original Cable Telecasts stats — viewer numbers jumped when Mariah reappeared on the Married to Medicine scene.

On Friday, December 1st, 709,000 viewers tuned into the series, and on December 8th, the numbers jumped to 890,000. The show hopped from 24th place in the rankings to a solid 10th spot. The ratings have been in a steady decline since the premier — until last week when Mariah appeared. 

Mariah spoke out about her absence exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.com explaining that Purveyors of Pop, the production company that produces the show for Bravo, delayed her start date and excluded her from filming opportunities.

“They [production] didn’t invite me to a few scenes.” Mariah revealed. “They gave me a different filming start date aside from everyone else.”

“But understand this…let them have a few episodes…cause when Motha comes thru she comes through!”

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The entrepreneur added that she believes that her multi-cultural family could enrich the narrative, and inject positivity into the mix.

“In the state of our society, I really think it would be a great look to show my family.” Mariah tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. “We are a beautiful Multi-cultural family with lots going on. A real family, with real life ups and downs. We prove everyday that people from all races, religions and walks of life can come together.”

Despite the cast’s best efforts to nudge Mariah out of the hearts of fans, the numbers have proved Mariah 100% correct. Fans have been calling for a Married to Medicine spinoff — could such a project be a perfect fit for Mariah Huq — the creator of the show that started it all?

Married to Medicine airs Friday nights, at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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