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#SisterWives Kody Brown Rejects Meri’s Pleas For Love Amid Rocky Marriage! (Video)

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Kody and Meri Brown will confront their marital issues on tonight’s episode of Sister Wives — will the polygamous couple find their way back to spiritual bliss — or call it quits?

In tonight’s episode, Meri and Kody will hash out their rocky relationship in their therapist’s office — and their future isn’t looking bright. It appears that Meri’s romantic tangle with an online catfish might have pointed to the end of the complex romance.

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In a preview snippet, Kody and Meri will seek communication in a therapy session.   

Meri’s ready to go back into a deep and very intimate relationship, and I’m not,” Kody reveals.

“There’s a lot I want out of our relationship,” Meri says. “I might not get it.”

Many fans believe that the couple’s decision to legally divorce for the supposed sake of Robyn’s children revealed a downhill skid in the couple’s relationship.

While both Meri and Kody denied that the shift was a meaningful one, it was clear to most viewers that Meri was struggling with self-esteem and loneliness, in the wake of the family maneuver. Meri’s graphic involvement with an online catfish then unfolded in front of America — and there has since been little evidence of a marriage bounce-back.

Do you believe that Meri will flee the clan and carve out a new life for herself as a spiritually single woman?

Watch the story unfold on Sister Wives, tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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