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‘Married to Medicine’ Toya Bush-Harris Explains Why She Planted Her Big Booty in Dr. Jackie Walters’ Husband’s Lap!

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Toya Bush-Harris is finally addressing the embarrassing moment she sat on Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband’s lap in Barbados.

As fans know, Dr. Jackie and Curtis Berry’s marriage was on the rocks after Curtis was caught cheating and the scandal played out in the media.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis Berry Reconcile — Divorce Called Off After Cheating Scandal! 

After the scandal broke, Curtis was shunned by most of the Married to Medicine crew, so when he did the unthinkable during a cast trip in Barbados, he sparked a lot of outrage.

Dr. Simone Whitmore commented on the eyebrow raising incident during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“Well, so first of all, Toya placed her ass in his face, which was just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong on all levels. And again, he should not have assisted her down on his lap. It was just wrong on all fronts, bottom line,” she said. “It was an interesting situation having Curtis on the trip with us, and Toya and Eugene [Harris] had their feelings about him being there in the first place. So with such a sensitive marital issue on the table, not past, not beyond, it just shouldn’t have happened, period.”

On Thursday’s airing of Watch What Happens Live, Toya finally broke her silence on the awkward occurrence. 

“I looked at everybody, and I was in disbelief for a moment,” she said of the instant Lapgate happened. “Can I get a moment? It was like not more than 60 seconds.”

Nevertheless, Dr. Jackie has no hard feelings towards Toya following the incident. “I’m all good. I hope you are too,” Dr. Jackie tweeted earlier this month. “As I said, I trust you my friend.”

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