Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis Berry Reconcile — Divorce Called Off After Cheating Scandal! (Exclusive)

Posted on Dec 31 2017 - 10:19am by Avigail

Married to Medicine fans wept when season five kicked off with the revelation that Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband Curtis Berry had been unfaithful. 

The news sent shockwaves among viewers and the public humiliation shook Dr. Jackie to the core. The Atlanta-based OBGYN promptly filed for divorce 3 days after learning her husband had a mistress. A source told AllAboutTheTea.com that Dr. Jackie’s rush to file divorce was simply a “legal maneuver to protect her finances.”

Now, after months apart, Dr. Jackie has figured out her next steps — and she’s had a change of heart!

AllAboutTheTea.com can exclusively report that the couple have reconciled and officially called off their divorce. Curtis has moved back into the marital home. And they have been back together since August.

“They love each other. After much reflection and couple’s therapy, Dr. Jackie realizes that she’s not ready to walk away from a man that loves her.” A ROCK solid source tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “Curtis moved back home.”

Dr. Jackie and Curtis have been seen together around Atlanta. Their first public appearance as a couple occurred on October 15, when Dr. Jackie and Curtis, attended the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation annual gala to support breast cancer — pictured below.

Dr. Jackie walked in the charity fashion show to support a cause near and dear to her heart. The Married to Medicine star is a two-time breast cancer survivor.

On December 16, the couple attended the 34th annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball and it was quite evident the cheating scandal was far behind them. They walked the distinguished red carpet side by side and seemed genuinely happy during the event. Press play below.

The Mayor’s Masked annual Ball is a major social event in Atlanta that focuses on raising awareness of the need and benefits of a college education. Dr. Jackie and Curtis partied the night away with a diverse group of celebrities, civic leaders, alumni, dignitaries and their Married to Medicine cast members.

Check out photos below.

As reported, the cheating scandal broke in March when photos of Curtis and his paramour Natasha Pearson, went viral. The other woman was allegedly unaware that Curtis was married, until the cozy pics hit the internet. A fan recognized Curtis from the Bravo reality series and snapped photos of his tryst.

Share your thoughts on Dr. Jackie and Curtis’ reconciliation in the comment section below!

Married to Medicine airs Friday night’s at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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  • Minx

    Happy New Year!
    I agree with you ????%!
    Curtis Knew that Jackie is a Workaholic, when he Married her.
    He can not, possibly, make, more Money than Jackie.
    He certainly, didn’t mind Spending The ???? she made!
    Trust, (to me) is a prerequisite in any Relationship, ( Friends, employees etc).
    Trust is the Tread that keeps a Coupling together.
    I can, not Tolerate, be Friends a Liar.
    How can, you, Believe a Liar? How do you Regain trust with a Liar and a Cheater?
    Why is it, that Jackie has to, cut down her Career. I am sure when,he was playing in,the league, when he was Married before, he didn’t cut back..
    It is the Old Double Standard!
    Jackie needs to wise up, She should go through,with the Divorce, not, let him move back in and Date him while going through,councilling,

    • Trippinhhard

      Happy New Years to you and you broke it all down to the bare facts..
      I just know this much, you can’t come home @10:00 every night.
      Your marriage will never last..You’re not spending any time with your family..
      I hope she received the closure she needed to move on.. She a better woman than me, I couldn’t trust him any longer. I don’t know anything about his professional career…He couldn’t have been to good, he’s coaching High School sports…

  • Minx

    Especially, since he had the Affair and lied to her for an entire year!
    I just mentioned in my, post above that Jackie needs to Get into Therapy.

  • Minx

    I sincerely doubt your Brother had a Year long affair and lied everyday for an entire year.
    There is a profound difference between a one or two night stand as opposed to leading, two lives.
    I don’t know what their situation, was- only, they do.
    Trust is hard to regain.
    They took a break away from, each other which gave them, both time to examine their lives and work on their issues.
    Great Story! Glad they are back together and have a healthy Marriage!

  • Minx

    A Year Long Affair is not a “Slip”. I bet Curtis has been Cheating all of his life. Probably on his first Wife, as well.
    He was too Slick. This takes Practice. Lying and leading another life, while living with his wife?
    This wasn’t a ” I had a Fight with my Wife, got Blasted and had a One Night Stand”
    Jackie would have Never known, unless his Side Piece exposed him.

  • Minx


  • Minx

    I agree. I bet Curtis has been Cheating all, of his life on both Jackie and his first wife.
    He was too slick..
    A Year Affair? Come on.. Seriously?

  • Minx

    This reconciliation will not work.
    Too much damage has been done. Jackie needs Therapy.
    They haven’t appeared Happy for a While. Now we know why. The issues they have are not going to Change.
    Jackie loves her Practice and she is in remission, from, Cancer. This isn’t a guarantee she won’t get Cancer again.
    Life is much to, short to be unhappy.
    Sorry, Curtis is a Scumbucket.
    He probably begged himself back so he could keep his coaching Job at a Religious High School, where there are Morality Codes and Missed Jackie’s ???? which he spent on, his Side Piece.
    Yeah, this is going to Work out as well as Shannon & Reconciliation.
    This Jerk has an agenda..

  • Minx

    I feel where you are coming from.
    It takes two in a relationship and both, people need to own their own roles.
    Getting back together without taking a break and Seeking, Real Marriage Counseling with a Licensed Marriage Therapist and doing the Work? Not good.
    Moving back in together too fast and picking up where they left off and sweeping feelings deep down, inside?
    Someone having a Year Long Affair and lying for a Year?
    I don’t care what issues they had. Curtis could of said,
    ” This is not Working for me and we need to Seperate”.
    I think, Curtis isn’t new to Cheating and Lying.
    I also, bet he cheated on his First Wife, as well.
    People Change over Years of Marriage. Sometimes they Grow together, sometimes they grow apart.Priorities change. Dreams change.
    The point is there are major problems in their relationship.
    More than likely Curtis is jealous of Jackie’s Success.
    A lot of Men can’t handle being Married to a Brillant Sucessful Woman, (especially since he is basically a Failed Athlete.Not to sterotype, but Athletes are surrounded by extreme temptation and opportunity for Cheating.)
    I am sure if he was a Coach for a Major League he would feel like the “big dawg” and could care less when Jackie was home or not and more than likely wouldn’t be Married at all.
    Trust, Liking Your Spouse ( as well as Loving them) , open and honest Communication,and humour are the true elements of a successful relationship. Trust, once broken, especially wit a Year Long Affair? The Deception, displacing Blame on Jackie? He knows what buttons of insecurity to push with Jackie. Also, Jackie must feel like, I don’t have breasts, who would want me?
    I am sure Curtis is playing, the cancer card. “I was there with you through Cancer” I bet he was cheating on her through that experience.
    Trust, keeps a Solid Marriage together.
    You can Never Trust anyone who has lied in your face and hid a year long Affair, which Jackie would have known about until. His 27 year old Sidechick, made it Public.
    If, Jackie had Cheated on Curtis, that Man would have Run out the door and dumped her.
    Double Standards.

  • Minx

    Me too. I also want to know if he cheated in his first Wife.
    Jackie, needs to hire a P.I. and have some “Secret Squirrels” keeping tabs on him.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Happy for Dr. Jackie bc she doesn’t want to be alone…I cannot stand Heavenly..I just thought i would say that lol.

    thanks for showing the picture of my future ex husband, Hill Harper yum!!!

  • Jade

    I am happy for them. I hope it lasts.

  • Briary Lo

    She’s a damn fool. This man robbed her of motherhood over and over again, and then had to the nerve to cheat. He must have Jackie wrapped around his finger. I knew she would take him back. You could tell in her demeanor during this season. I would never ever take back a person who cheated on me, humiliated me publicly. Hell to the no.