Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis Berry Reconcile — Divorce Called Off After Cheating Scandal! (Exclusive)

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Married to Medicine fans wept when season five kicked off with the revelation that Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband Curtis Berry had been unfaithful. 

The news sent shockwaves among viewers and the public humiliation shook Dr. Jackie to the core. The Atlanta-based OBGYN promptly filed for divorce 3 days after learning her husband had a mistress. A source told AllAboutTheTea.com that Dr. Jackie’s rush to file divorce was simply a “legal maneuver to protect her finances.”

Now, after months apart, Dr. Jackie has figured out her next steps — and she’s had a change of heart!

AllAboutTheTea.com can exclusively report that the couple have reconciled and officially called off their divorce. Curtis has moved back into the marital home. And they have been back together since August.

“They love each other. After much reflection and couple’s therapy, Dr. Jackie realizes that she’s not ready to walk away from a man that loves her.” A ROCK solid source tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “Curtis moved back home.”

Dr. Jackie and Curtis have been seen together around Atlanta. Their first public appearance as a couple occurred on October 15, when Dr. Jackie and Curtis, attended the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation annual gala to support breast cancer — pictured below.

Dr. Jackie walked in the charity fashion show to support a cause near and dear to her heart. The Married to Medicine star is a two-time breast cancer survivor.


On December 16, the couple attended the 34th annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball and it was quite evident the cheating scandal was far behind them. They walked the distinguished red carpet side by side and seemed genuinely happy during the event. Press play below.


The Mayor’s Masked annual Ball is a major social event in Atlanta that focuses on raising awareness of the need and benefits of a college education. Dr. Jackie and Curtis partied the night away with a diverse group of celebrities, civic leaders, alumni, dignitaries and their Married to Medicine cast members.

Check out photos below.

As reported, the cheating scandal broke in March when photos of Curtis and his paramour Natasha Pearson, went viral. The other woman was allegedly unaware that Curtis was married, until the cozy pics hit the internet. A fan recognized Curtis from the Bravo reality series and snapped photos of his tryst.

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Married to Medicine airs Friday night’s at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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