#RHOA Kenya Moore’s Husband Marc Daly’s Restaurant Patrons Slam Brooklyn Eatery as “Disappointing” Rip-off!

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Before Kenya Moore became a real “Housewife” — she delighted in the bowels of messy reality television.

Over the past seasons, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star subjected fans to obscene fakery but after she announced her marriage to restauranteur Marc Daly, the dubious reality queen seem to put her reality television career on pause, and assumed the role of brand ambassador for her husband’s Brooklyn eatery, SoCo

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The former beauty queen aggressively promotes the restaurant on her social media accounts and describes the food as, “a little slice of heaven.” 


AllAboutTheTea.com did some digging and uncovered that the food at Marc Daly’s restaurant is far from “heaven,” as his wife describes. 

“I normally don’t write reviews but felt compelled to do. Soco has really fallen off. The food isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. The salmon had no flavor and the my pork chop was underseasoned. The drinks weren’t good either. Soco used to be my favorite restaurant in BK but it’s simply not the same. I won’t be back! P.S. The two stars is based upon what Soco used to be.” (2/11/2018)

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If you dare to subject yourself to meals inside the culinary abyss — be prepared to eat steak deemed “Too tough. Seemed like it wasn’t fresh or stuck under a heating lamp.” The following “disappointed” critic wrote.

“What is the saying? Fool me once/shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me? Yea thats bout the sum of it. I came through for a media party. I haven’t been in quite a few years in which I couldn’t recall why I haven’t been back. The drinks were good, but that can’t save every place I go.  I had the steak and eggs on the brunch menu. This is where the dismay began. I’m pretty strong, but cutting this piece of steak left a cramp in my arm. Just wayyyy too tough. Seemed like it wasn’t fresh or stuck under a heating lamp.  Disappointed a bit since everyone I swear had chicken and red velvet waffles and looked happy. Fooled. Not anymore.” (2/10/2018)

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Another patron felt “robbed” after spending $21 for “underwhelming,” pork chops. The dissatisfied person stated:

“I did not like my experience here and I feel like two stars may be too much. The wait wasn’t long though the hostess said 30-40 mins. So we were off to a good start until we were sat at the worst table in the restaurant. We were seated by the kitchen door, and the POS station. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it stayed clear, but at one time while we were eating, there were two bus boys, a server, and the manager standing against the wall being idle. Majority of the time, the wall was occupied. The wall was less than three feet away from our table. I didn’t feel as if our server was personable, genuine, or attentive. He tried to upsell us on an appetizer by lying about how long it would take for my entree to come out. ‘Do you want an appetizer, because the pork chops take a long time to cook?’ I’m thinking really!? For medium well pork chop!? Nonetheless, my entree hit the table in less than ten mins. The food was underwhelming! I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for. Though the entree came out looking beautiful, it lacked taste. It was bland, and for a $21 plate, I felt robbed. Who’s in the kitchen!? Where is the seasoning? My pork chop was overcooked to the point that it was tough and couldn’t be cut with my butter knife. Mac and cheese was an $11 side which is understanding based on the portion. It’s served on a skillet, it’s cheesy and with a crispy topping, yet bland! I had the white sangria drink ($9) which was pretty good. Serving size wasn’t stingy similar to other drinks I watched leave the bar. I think the bar may be the best part of this restaurant. The vibes was good, music good, but everything else very disappointing.” (2/5/2018)

“I was so eagerly anticipating my visit to Soco as every one always raves about the food and the ambiance but I was surely disappointed. I was actually taking my mom to celebrate her 72nd birthday and it was barely 5pm and the music was blaring I get it they want a young trendy audience but sheesh it was even too loud for me so I was glad to be seated out in the indoor/outdoor area slightly away from the music.  I did however appreciate the young man playing his violin along to some popular classics if only they could turned it down a notch. On to the food I think we were finally seated around 5. And it was an all day brunch menu which was supposed to priced at 35 per person but more on that later. So my mom and I got the same thing pecan crusted pork chops with sweet potato puree over s bed of collard greens but I also ordered mac n cheese and a side of collard greens.  My daughter ordered wings with some sort of sauce and cornbread. Ok when the cornbread arrived it looked cold hard and old and it was steaming so I knew it wasn’t hot even though the butter was melting. It just appeared that the butter had been heated in the microwave and poured over the cornbread.”

“Next I couidnt wait to dig into my pork chops and when I did I was chewing for days it was like I was chewing on a piece of leather.  I barely tastes and crust either and there was an odd vinegar taste I wasn’t sure if that was from the cabbage that had been strewn on top or if vinegar had been tossed onto the meat to cover up the fact that it was old. I just stopped eating it as the last thing I needed was to get food poisoning or sick as a result of eating some old pork how insulting to be served some old pork as expensive as the prices are.  Really? That odd bitter pungent taste had also trickled down & permeated through to the sweet potato puree which was under the pork chops and tasted very strongly of vinegar as well and according to my daughter tasted like baby food..Ughhhhh. On to the collard greens which were incredibly overcooked limp soggy and sad and had been sprinkled & seasoned with sugar. I didn’t understand why they were so overcooked or how they were seasoned my tastebuds were totally confused. So as I was still hungry I decided to put all my hopes on the mac n cheese one bite of this and I knew the ancestors would be greatly disappointed.  Like where do I start first I don’t even understand why regular elbow pasta was used versus spiral pasta way too much garlic a hint of truffle oil and it simply did not come together at all. This mac n cheese clearly came from someone’s factory there was no auntie or grandmother back there with chunky arms whipping up that mac n cheese as it had no heart n soul whatsoever!!!! And while the waiter Lucas was good he never not once during the meal came over to ask if everything was okay or if we were enjoying our meal as I surely had an earful for him and was so ready to give him an emphatic No! However, it was extremely difficult to get his attention even when it came time to get the bill we literally lingered an additional 45 mins just waiting to get his attention to get the check. And had he at least came to out table once he would have noticed and seen 90% of two Mac n cheeses still sitting there untouched as well as the corn bread and my 1 pork chop and a half still sitting on the plate a concerned and attentive waiter would have most certainly inquired as to why so much food was remaining and if we enjoyed our meal….nothing zero no concern at all. I’m wonderimg if the wait staff is so used to folks/customers not used to complaining about the food that they just are conditioned to not check in on clientele which absolutely goes against any food industry/restaurant policy as well ruined my experience and opinion of the restaurant. And when I finally did get the bill boy was I in for a surprise it came to a whopping 143…say what for Mac n cheese and thinly cut pork chops that could fit in my hand surely you jest. However the bill was reduced to 128 because my daughter had ordered a drink but some how the waiter forgot about the drink and didn’t bring it until after we were finished our meal and ready to leave do it was removed from the total.  I don’t mind paying for good food but this wasn’t anything I couldn’t have cooked in my own kitchen and far better at that. Never again. I have no idea as to why everyone rates this place as highly as that do.” (1/29/2018)

Several Yelpers provided valuable feedback and insight into the horrible customer service at SoCo.

“Very disheartening to have an improper greeting, especially after traveling 2.5 hours, in a snowstorm to get here. I’d heard such great things about this place, but the initial encounter absolutely took the wind out of our sales. Arrived at 5:45 for a 6p reservation. At 5:50, I was told by the hostess that my wife and I would be seated promptly at 6p…awesome, I thought to myself! Unfortunately, 25 minutes later, we were still standing in the front of the restaurant, without even an update. Frustration started to mount as I literally counted 26 open tables, and still no word from the hostess, or countless members of the staff, who continuously walked past us without even acknowledging that we were standing there. I approached the hostess, and we were seated immediately. Why should I have to express frustration to be seated when there are 26 open tables?!?!” (12/9/2017)

“Visited SoCo today. We made reservations for 2:00 for 4 people. We arrive at 1:55, sat at 2:05…… First person who came to our table was Nessa, whom was NOT supposed to be our waitress but came bc she seen us just sitting there, at 2:25. She was VERY nice and professional. We finished our food and ordered another round of drinks. Nessa drops the drinks off at 3:30. TINA comes right behind her and asks us to leave our table and go find some seats in the front due to them having another reservation. Excuse me?! NOT OK and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. We also made a reservation and was ignored for the first 30 mins of our reservation. Spent $220 and the only thing worth it was Nessa, the drinks and the mac and cheese. THAT’S IT.” (2/11/2018)

“Horrible experience at this restaurant!! Came here with a few friends hoping to have a fun girls night. We all wore sequin since it’s the holiday season and the manger approached us at the bar as we were waiting for our table. He informed us the the company policy is not hats allowed. One of my girlfriends had on a cute hat with sequin details, it was not a fitted baseball cap. We went back and fourth with the manager for about 10 minuets! We were really disappointed in this rule and ended up going up Peaches on Tompkins. Had the best night ever despite Soco’s inappropriate behavior. So I would advise you take your money somewhere else as this establishment does not appreciate loyal customers.” (12/17/2017)

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