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Desperate: #RHOA Kenya Moore Films FAKE Doctor Visit Amid Firing Fears!

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A Real Housewives of Atlanta insider is blowing the whistle on Kenya Moore’s pregnancy drama, featured on Sunday’s episode.

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Reportedly, Kenya has been walking on thin ice with Bravo producers, so she concocted the story to save her job.

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Fans know that the 47 year old beauty queen has refused to include her new hubby, Marc Daly, on the show. The holdout got Kenya axed from the cast trip to Barcelona — the lost episodes costing the reality star a cool $100k. The insider claims that Kenya hatched a plan to save her job — adding that the “pregnancy scare” was then edited into the narrative.

Kenya was in trouble with the production company after her husband refused to film with her at all. They told her she was going to get fired, and she had better do something to stay on the show,” the insider told Radar. “That was filmed after the women got back from Barcelona, not before.”

Kenya took a urine and blood test at the doctor’s office — claiming to be six weeks late and hopefully pregnant. Kenya’s urine test proved “inconclusive” and a blood test was recommended.

The insider claims that Kenya’s bun-in-the-oven long-shot fell flat.

“No one believes a word that Kenya tells them. They knew she was desperate to stay on the show, so she made it all up. And it isn’t working, she’s getting fired after this season,” the insider alleged.

Do you believe that Kenya would fake a pregnancy to keep her Bravo paychecks rolling in?


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