EXCLUSIVE: Shady #RHONJ Reunion Editing Exposes Bias Against Siggy Flicker Over PETA Death Threat Claims!

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Siggy Flicker managed to escape an especially bumpy Real Housewives of New Jersey ride — a journey marked by a cast feud, skewed narratives and a flying cake. 

Siggy is making her final exit — but not before facing a reunion showdown with cast nemesis, Margaret Josephs

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In a preview of the two-part Season 8 reunion, Siggy and the RHONJ rookie, verbally spar over social media chatter that went down during the season — and Margaret’s prized trophy bear sits right in the middle of the drama. Margaret jabbed at Siggy’s photo-decorated Boca Raton foyer— which triggered the Bravo sophomore to speak out on Twitter about the mounted bear.

The “Write Your Own Fairy Tale,” author’s tweet happened to catch the attention of PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization responded to Siggy’s tweet above — giving her photo wall a thumbs up, while cosigning her disgust of Margaret’s trophy bear.

In the reunion clip below, Margaret accuses Siggy of reporting her to PETA — and Bravo backs up the claim, by presenting fragmented posts of Siggy communicating with the organization. 

AllAboutTheTea.com did some digging, and discovered that Bravo’s reunion slant is a distorted one. The original tweet, pictured above, reveals that Siggy did NOT reach out to PETA first. 

Interestingly, Margaret complains about Siggy’s social media tactics when it appears that Siggy is being mauled on Twitter, on a daily basis. Over-invested trolls have been swarming her timeline for weeks — freshly created faux identities multiplying daily — despite Siggy’s decision to exit the Bravo stage. 

As reported, Siggy resigned after filming the Season 8 reunion — citing “false narrative” and a “hostile” work environment created by Sirens Production. Siggy also exposed that Margaret inadvertently revealed the RHONJ production company for fueling the feud between herself and the cast rookie. 

“It was evident throughout the season and confirmed at the reunion when Margaret blurted out on camera that Sirens told her that I sucked & she was to continue targeting me. Producers immediately stopped filming so they could talk to Margaret & do damage control by telling her to go back & retract her statement & apologize for what she said.  When filming resumed Margaret withdrew her statements about production. It was sickening and enlightening.” Siggy wrote in her unedited resignation letter.

Read Siggy’s explosive UNEDITED resignation letter, in its entirety here.

Part one of the two-part reunion airs tonight (Wed, Jan 17) — but Bravo’s shaded picture only hints at the social media storm that continues to rage behind the scenes. 


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