Producer Bias EXPOSED Amid Shady #RHONJ Editing Scandal? (Exclusive)

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is about to wrap — the season marked by cast chaos, hacked footage, and preview contradiction.

Season 8 was also curiously shortened to 13 episodes, another evident hint to production/editing issues mucking up the Bravo flow. “Housewives” seasons typically run between 17-20 episodes.

EXCLUSIVE: The Reason Behind Danielle Staub’s Deleted Raunchy Bathroom Sex Scene On #RHONJ!

A source tells that a Sirens Media producer sits smack in the middle of the controversy, and is responsible for the disjointed season.

Dorothy Toran [RHONJ producer] spent the entire season covering for certain cast members,” A source tells exclusively. “It’s crazy because another producer, got fired for being too close to the women, and now Dorothy is doing the same and getting away with it.”

A quick look into Instagram reveals the love between Toran and key cast members, shining a new light on the emotionally messy season.

Toran appears especially cozy with comeback star, Danielle Staub, and cast rookie, Margaret Josephs — even spending the recent holiday with Margaret’s family. Margaret posted a gushing tribute to Toran in October.

A second source alleges that Toran was behind the decision to cut Danielle’s documented bathroom sex romp, which went down during the opening of the Gorga pizza eatery. Danielle has been revamping her “prostitution whore” image — and it looks like she may have had some help from behind the scenes.

Based on photos posted on Danielle’s Instagram — there’s little doubt that Toran and Danielle share a close connection.

Dorothy Toran lives in the same town as Margaret and Danielle. Her focus was to protect them and present them in a good light,” a source tells

Fans are familiar with Bravo production company editing tricks — but has blatant favoritism created a conflict of interest and distorted this season’s RHONJ story? 

Let us know what you think, and watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale episode, Wednesday at 9:00 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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