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#RHONJ Sinister Plot to Ambush Siggy Flicker At Gorga Restaurant Opening EXPOSED! (Exclusive)

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A possible plot to ambush Siggy Flicker has been exposed!

The Gorga restaurant opening featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey took many twists and turns — but was Siggy’s refusal to meet the mother of co-star, Margaret Josephs, a game changer? 

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Fans have been chattering about Siggy’s move to dodge a meeting with Marge Sr. — and it looks like Siggy may have escaped a reality ambush!

While there’s no way to rewind the what ifs — a few moving pieces point to a  plot to drag Siggy into more cast chaos.

  • One of Margaret’s friends was spotted with Marge Sr. at the event — the same person accused of allegedly trolling and harassing Siggy on social media.

  • Danielle Staub appeared strangely determined to make the meeting happen — why? 
  • Danielle has made no secret of the fact that she’s besties with producer, Dorothy Toran. Toran has been accused of getting too cozy with certain members of the cast, and allegedly slanting the narrative in favor of Danielle and Margaret. Read all about it here.
  • Marge Sr. said that she might have to “go off on Siggy” during a pre-event filmed convo with Margaret. The mother/daughter exchange points to a game plan. 
  • When Siggy shot down Danielle’s push, both mother and daughter were abruptly and curiously angry.

Siggy explained on Twitter that she did express interest in meeting Marge Sr. away from the Bravo cameras. That documented fact was cut from the narrative.

Siggy may have avoided a planned ambush — but the “Write Your Own Fairy Tale” author is dodging the ultimate bullet by bowing out of the messy reality series.

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What do you think about Siggy’s decision to shut down drama during the Gorga restaurant opening?

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