Danielle Staub’s Violent Past Revisited — Prostitution, Cocaine Dealing, Kidnapping and Pistol-Whipping!

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Danielle Staub has enjoyed a tepid return to reality TV, but have viewers forgotten the history that will forever haunt the Real Housewives of New Jersey vet?

Danielle has reinvented her career by bowing to Bravo felon, Teresa Giudice, but the reality rehire stands as a controversial one.

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In the book that triggered Teresa’s iconic table flip, Danielle’s polluted past is spelled out. “Cop Without A Badge” exposes the whole dirty truth — making Bravo’s decision to welcome back the dubbed “prostitution whore” quite a head-scratcher.   

  • Beverly Ann Merrill, aka Angela Minelli, aka Danielle Staub, was a prostitute. She worked for an escort service, a fact testified to by FBI agent, Robert Favie.
  • In 1986, Danielle delivered a kilo of cocaine from an apartment where she worked, from a Colombian drug family to another apartment, owned by Carmen Centolella. Upon her arrival, four men jumped her, stealing the cocaine, which was slated to be “tested” in Centolella’s place. The botched deal cost Danielle and her partner in crime, David Aguliar, $24k. Danielle originally connected with Aguilar while working for the escort service.

  • Danielle and Aguliar, blaming Centolella for the debacle, kidnapped and held him for a $25k ransom. Prosecutors alleged in court that Danielle was the one who made the original ransom phone call to Centolella’s father. Centolella claimed that Danielle clubbed him on the head with a 9mm gun, slapped him, grabbed him by the throat, and shoved the gun in his mouth, after he was tied up in a Miami safe house. The senior Centolella alerted the FBI, Aguilar was nabbed, and a raid was triggered. Danielle was busted in Aguilar’s home, with six kilos of coke and $16k in cash.

  • Centolella later served several years in prison, after being charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs. Aguilar was sentenced to 15 years. Danielle copped a plea by cooperating with authorities, and ratting out Aguilar. She was sentenced to five years probation, after pleading guilty to extortion. She was also required to attend a drug treatment program, deemed necessary by a drug counselor, who noted “the severity of Beverly’s/Danielle’s drug history and her former drug lifestyle.”

Bravo’s favorite ex-inmate, Teresa Giudice, was on board with bringing back her old felon frenemy — but what do you think about Danielle’s comeback?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights, on Bravo.


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