Former #Married2Med Star Lisa Nicole Cloud Catches Husband Cheating and Cusses Out Mistress! (Listen to Audio)

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What goes on in the dark…always comes to light!

Reportedly, former Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud caught her cheating husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, on the prowl again!

This time the alleged mistress is a woman, and Lisa Nicole Cloud confronts the mystery lady in an explosive audio obtained by King of Reads.

Listen below to the WEN Conference creator and entrepreneur cuss out Dr. Darren’s side chick while screaming at her husband to “Tell her…Tell her!!!”

During season four of Married to Medicine, Dr. Darren was outed for two things — frequenting strip clubs and cheating behind his wife’s back. This was a low point for Lisa Nicole Cloud.

As fans know, Lisa Nicole Cloud was skewered by the cast last season for defending her husband, in the face of scathing rumors and dodgy disappearances. 

As previously reported, Lisa Nicole Cloud quit the Atlanta based series to pursue other opportunities, including a clothing line venture. She said she was planning to devote time to having another baby.


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