EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Husband’s Gay Boyfriend Spills Tea on Their Steamy Affair!

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An explosive rumor has rocked the Married To Medicine cast in season four. A mystery man has come forward to claim he’s been sleeping with Lisa Nicole Cloud’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles.

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It’s been rumored for some time now that Lisa Nicole Cloud’s husband likes men. Dr. Darren Naugles’ alleged former boyfriend, Damen Wayne, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTheTEA.com about the affair and Lisa Nicole. Read our interview below.

How did you meet Dr. Darren?

Damen: I met Darren the night of the season 2 [Married to Medicine] premiere party in April 2014. I met him very briefly at the bar and we shared causal conversation (which is when I gave him my number). At that moment I didn’t know he was married to Lisa but if I did that would not have changed anything. (Just being honest). Lisa was doing her thing that night with the other cast members. It was a crazy night. To be completely honest, I never planned to say what I said but I had one too many drinks and when I drink I have no filter. But truth be told, he wasn’t the only guy I met that night and exchanged contact information with and I was toasted (not sloppy drunk though).

How  soon did he call you after your initial meeting?

Damen: He called me the next day on a private cellphone number. Then a day after that, we met up at a hotel in the Sandy Springs area and hooked up [had sex]. The third time we hooked up he came to my condo and things started getting a little more serious. 

Did you know he was a married man?

Damen: After that night Darren and I had causal hook-ups within a three week spam before I found out he was married to Lisa Nicole by Marveale (Lisa Nicole’s former assistant). After I found out, I asked him why didn’t he tell me and he informed me that he thought I knew already because of who his wife was. I never told him how I found out because Marveale asked me not to put him in the middle because at that time he was working for Lisa. Keep in mind that Lisa was not on season 1 and her family didn’t appear on the show until the 3rd or 4th episode. So I had no idea who this man actually was. He thought I know because of where I met him.

Did Dr. Darren discuss his wife with you or any martial issues?

Damen: Something changed within our little “relationship.” We talked the entire time he was at my place which was completely different from any other time when we would just have sex and move on. After that day we started having actual conversations when he came over. He started to feel comfortable with me. Venting to me about how he was unhappy. How she (Lisa Nicole) was always accusing him of doing wrong (which he was) but I was there to listen to his ass. Hell, we even cried together about certain things. He told me he hated being on TV and didn’t want to do the show. He said he’s tired of being emasculated. She treats him like he’s one of the kids. He’s tired of being on the reality show. She signed onto the reality show without speaking to Darren first. I’m not the only person that Darren has messed with and I think he knew once he went on reality TV things would come out.

Were you a kept man? Did Dr. Darren buy you things and pay your rent?

Damen: He paid my rent, car note, and put groceries in my condo the month of June so I can cook him his favorite meal. In May I was offered a job by his wife but after informing her husband about the offer I respectfully declined the offer because I was enjoying hanging with Darren (being stupid) and he told me hell no, do not to take it. Long story short we hung out for nearly 4 months and we had never had any problems.

How did the relationship end?

Damen: One time I asked him about his marriage and if he was going to leave his wife (not for me but for himself because of how much he use to complain and bitch about her fake ass) he blew up on me. This was the last week in June. We got into a huge ass argument and never talked again. He said some foul shit to me and I said foul shit back to him. Then after all that happened I contacted Lisa and told her I wanted to take her up on the job offer that she had offered me the previous month. Well by that time she said someone had taken the spot already and will contact me if it didn’t work out. I really didn’t want to work for her necessarily, I just wanted to scare her husband.

Why did you OUT Dr. Darren as being on the down-low?

Damen: I never wanted to OUT Darren nationally. I could have been did that if that was my goal. After months went by, I felt really guilty. I come from a Christian background and I have a feelings like anyone else. My conscience started to get the best of me. SINCERELY feeling guilty after having a relationship with this woman’s husband who I had started to grow acquainted to. He is the one who had children.. not me! To be honest, yes I was a little hurt how Darren and I split but it wasn’t that serious for me to just seek out revenge on him. I never wanted to OUT Darren the way it happened. But the shit is out now and I am going to stand by my truth and take whatever slander comes with it. None of you can decline my entrance into the gates of Heaven. At the end of the day he is the one who took an oath in front of God with his wife. I didn’t.

Did you reach out to Lisa Nicole before going public?

Damen: I really wanted to handle this between Lisa, him, and I but she wouldn’t listen, so I made her listen and that’s that. Accept it or not but that’s the story in a nutshell. She decided to be an ass towards me because of my relationship with her former assistant (who at the time him and I weren’t even talking). I didn’t even know how serious the drama had gotten between Quad and Lisa until I watched the show this season.

Damen addresses Lisa Nicole’s accusation that Quad and a former disgruntled employee made up the gay scandal to hurt her.

Damen: In November I reached out to her [Lisa Nicole] again and told her I needed to speak with her about something. Well by that time I had heard about everything that was going on between her, Quad, and Marveale in the blogs and I made it very clear to her that I wanted no part in that because she knew I was cool with Marveale who is her former assistant and they didn’t end too well. So she told me that was fine and I told her make sure no cameras are involved and she was cool with that, so her ass decided to go and tell reporters and media people (including two of her cast mate’s) that Marveale and Quad had me contact her to try to meet up with her to see what she had plotting against them, and some other bullshit she said that had really pissed me off. Calling me gay degrading term and everything basically bashing me for trying to reach out to her. So I read about Quad event on Instagram and I went up there. 

Lisa Nicole Cloud maintains she does not believe the mystery man has been intimate with her husband. In addition, Lisa Nicole claims that the mystery man who announced the down-low secret to Quad Webb dated her former disgruntle employee; and the alleged disgruntle employee now works for Quad.


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