‘She’s No Victim!’ #BachelorinParadise Star Jasmine Goode RIPS Corinne Olympios’ Sexual Misconduct Claims!

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In the aftermath of the Bachelor in Paradise sexual assault scandal, a cast member is finally speaking out.

Co-star, Jasmine Goode, is taking sides and there’s no question that she has DeMario Jackson‘s back, following his pool incident with fellow cast member, Corinne Olympios.

The 29-year-old Goode slammed Olympios over the scandalous allegations in an interview.

“Not once did she complain or say she was upset with what happened in the pool with DeMario. She was laughing, having a good time,” Goode told the Daily Mail UK. “Even the day after, she was hanging out with DeMario and some other people in the hot tub. I honestly thought they were going to become a couple.”

As reportedBachelor in Paradise is in serious danger after an alleged sexual incident between contestants, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, took place on the set in early June. 

Olympios claims she suffered, “physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening.”

“She never, ever said one thing negative about DeMario. And she was never in danger, at least I never witnessed anything bad happening to her,” Goode shared.

The trouble began when Jackson, 30, and Olympios, 24, began getting “hot and heavy” in the pool while the cameras were rolling. Their behavior made a “third party” feel uncomfortable. As reported there are accusations of sexual assault. A field producer reportedly complained that Olympios was too drunk to consent to Jackson’s advances but producers allowed the behavior to go on. Warner Bros. released a statement confirming that it halted production of season 4.

“I feel bad for DeMario. He’s a good guy. He’s sweet and not aggressive one bit. I am sad and disappointed this has happened. We are all shocked,” Goode explained.

DeMario Jackson has spoken out to defend himself against the claims, saying: “My character has been assassinated. My family name has been drug through the mud.”

Olympios has lawyered up and is blaming producers for allowing the sexual encounter to happen despite being drunk. Both Jackson and Olympios were said to be drinking throughout the day of the shooting. Olympios claimed she was in a “blackout state” and was unable to consent.


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