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#TeenMomOG Audio of Matt Baier Threatening One of His Side Chicks Released! [Exclusive Details]

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Teen Mom OG fans know Amber Portwood‘s fiancé, Matt Baier has a reputation for womanizing and philandering. After all, the MTV star has a reported NINE kids and owes a boatload in unpaid child support.

As reported earlier this week, Teen Mom blogger Smarty Jones, revealed photos of Portwood‘s fiancé with a black eye, bruises and scratches. Attached to the pics were text messages reportedly from Matt sent to his side chick(s).

After the photos were made public — Matt began to allegedly threaten all the women claiming to be mistresses of the reality star. 

Corroborating the reports of threats, Smarty Jones tweeted, “Why are you threatening everyone BUT me when I’m the one posting your pictures @mattbEPT? You’re a coward, but I’ve already proven that.”

Now, a woman identified as one of Matt‘s alleged side lovers named Tiffany Bassett, has released audio of Matt threatening her for exposing their secret affair. 

“You need to listen to me and don’t hang up.” Matt starts the conversation. “I’m about to do you the biggest favor in the world. I don’t know why I’m doing it — I told Amber I’m doing it — she disagreed with me.” Then the MTV star raises his voice and issues this stern warning, “Tiffany walk away from this thing — a police investigation is about to launch this afternoon of ALL your online buddies. It’s gonna be huge.” Then he repeats his warning, “WALK…AWAY…NOW.” 

Before Matt finishes his rant, Tiffany cuts him off and says:

Matt, I’ve done nothing illegal. YOU… are the one that’s in trouble. Matt, I haven’t done shit, so you’re not going to threaten me anymore. And I don’t give a F**K what you and Amber say…BYE!” The recording ends at this point. 

Press play below to listen.

While we can’t confirm it’s Matt’s voice in the audio, many sources tell us the voice is a dead ringer. 

AllAboutTheTea.com did some digging and learned that Tiffany is currently battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A source tells us that Tiffany and Matt met online.

“She [Tiffany Bassett] met Matt online and started talking to him almost two years ago.”

The source punches wholes in a claim that Matt befriended Tiffany because she has cancer.

Matt told her he’d get her on TV and help her make money.”

This seems accurate since Tiffany appeared on MTV’s special, “Being Matt.” Tiffany is in the following photos from the episode. She’s seated next to Matt‘s buddy, Jeff— wearing a hat and sporting a tattoo on her neck.

The in-the-know source dished more juicy details about the alleged nature of Matt and Tiffany‘s relationship.

“They [Matt and Tiffany] created a GoFundMe for her cancer treatments. They did this so Matt could tell Amber…this chick needs help. And that was her segue into their [Amber and Matt’s] life.”

According to our source — Matt influenced Amber into donating money to Tiffany‘s GoFundMe and giving her a job.

“Amber donated $400 and Matt talked her into hiring the cancer chick to work for her online boutique.” The snitch continued, “They planned for her to come up and film ‘Being Matt,’ to make them look better, like they’re so helpful and kind.”

However, at some point Amber became suspicious of Tiffany around her man and cut ties with Matt‘s new friend.

“But things didn’t go as planned when Amber felt Matt was repeatedly flirting with her.” The source explained. “Her part in the special got cut to a flash of her at dinner and she [Tiffany] got pissed. She hasn’t seen him in person since then.”

Teen Mom OG is currently airing a new season — will the show chronicle Matt and Amber‘s drama? Tell us what you think. 


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