EXCLUSIVE: Matt Jordan Injured After Tackling Peter Thomas to Avoid Knife Attack In Radio Station Brawl!

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Matt Jordan is lucky to be alive!

As reported, the ex boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, was involved in a violent fight with Peter Thomas at a North Carolina radio station on March 21. 

Peter Thomas, 60, attempted to stab Matt Jordan not once…not twice…but three times during the brawl! Matt managed to circumvent Peter‘s blade attack by wrestling the knife from the bar owner and throwing him to ground. 

Fortunately for the personal trainer, he gained control of the potentially deadly situation or Peter could have killed him. As a result of the knife attack, Matt sustained serious injuries to his finger that will require surgery for, “lacerations in a frozen tendon,” Jordan tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

Leaked video footage of the fight, shows the men get into a heated argument that quickly turns physical. 

AllAboutTheTea.com carefully examined the footage in slow mo and it’s clear that Matt Jordan was in a fight for his life, as Peter‘s shank came close to cutting him several times.

Matt Jordan exclusively spoke to AllAboutTheTea.com about the leaked footage and he informs us that he’s planning to sue the parties that released the video without his signed authorization. 

“I have not signed a release waiver granting Radio One, Peter Thomas or any media outlet, legal permission to use my image or likeness for any commercial and non-commercial purposes. I sustained injuries during the altercation. The leaked footage adds insult to my injuries. Cease and desist notices were issued by my attorney, and at this juncture, we’re prepared to move forward with legal action.” Matt Jordan tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

AllAboutTheTea.com obtained text messages between Matt Jordan and Jessica, Power 98 radio station employee, who attempted to break up the fight. The exchanges prove Jordan did not give the radio station a signed release to use his image in the video.

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