EXCLUSIVE: #RHOA Matt Jordan Speaks Out After Fight Video With Peter Thomas Leaks — He’s Suing Everybody!

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Think the women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have drama? Well, the men have equal, if not more drama, than their female counterparts. 

As reported, on March 21, a violent fight between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas took place at a North Carolina radio station. AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively spilled major details regarding the altercation.

Here’s how it all went down…

Charlotte, North Carolina Radio Station, Power 98 FM approached both Matt and Peter to discuss Matt‘s assertion, that he was coached by Peter and Todd Tucker. Matt claims the two men instructed him to solicit 10% of Kenya Moore‘s salary, as compensation for his appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.   

According to Atlanta based blogger, Straight From The APeter Thomas leaked video footage of the fight to her blog. The two-minute clip shows the men get into a hostile war words, then Peter becomes threatening when he stands up, forcing Matt to respond accordingly and the physical fight ensues. Watch below. 

Matt Jordan exclusively spoke to AllAboutTheTea.com after he was made aware of the leaked fight footage. Jordan exclusively tells this site,

“I have not signed a release waiver granting Radio One, Peter Thomas or any media outlet, legal permission to use my image or likeness for any commercial and non-commercial purposes.”

Matt goes on to explain,

“I sustained injuries during the altercation. The leaked footage adds insult to my injuries.” 

“Cease and desist notices were issued by my attorney, and at this juncture, we’re prepared to move forward with legal action.”

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