EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell Details of #RHOA’s Matt Jordan & Peter Thomas’ Violent Charlotte Brawl — Video Leaked!

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As reported, a fight between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas occurred at a North Carolina radio station on Tuesday (March 21).

AllAboutTheTea.com has spoken to a ROCK solid source — who spilled major details regarding the altercation.

Here’s how it all started…

Charlotte, North Carolina Radio Station, Power 98 FM approached both Matt and Peter to discuss Matt‘s assertion, that he was coached by Peter and Todd Tucker. Matt claims they encouraged him to solicit Kenya Moore to pay Matt 10% of her Real Housewives of Atlanta salary.   

“Jessica from Radio One invited Matt and Peter to do an on-air radio interview at the station in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Our source tells us that Matt mainly wanted to discuss Real Housewives of Atlanta and his relationship with former girlfriend, Kenya Moore.

Matt‘s intentions going into the interview was to squash the beef with Peter and talk about not getting invited to the RHOA Reunion and Kenya. The last thing he had in mind was arguing with Peter.”

When the men sat down at Power 98 FM, the interview started with Matt explaining his viral Instagram video — discussing how Peter and Todd encouraged him to solicit Moore‘s paycheck.

Matt described that he was just telling his truth and it was never his intention to throw Peter and Todd under the bus.” The source continues, “Matt apologized to Peter and acknowledged how his actions may have caused hurt feelings but that was not his intentions.”

Although Matt apologized, Peter was not receiving of it and called Matt out. Peter quickly became hostile and told Matt,

“You’re a sucka — you didn’t get paid by Kenya.Peter added, “Kenya has played men before. You got played and got nothing!”

After Peter said his piece — the interview should have ended there — because things went down hill.

Matt became standoffish because everything he said was twisted and manipulated. The interviewers appeared to be Team Peter — since he’s the hometown favorite.”

According to our source, the interview quickly dissolved into a shouting match.

Matt and Peter started arguing back and forth. The argument grew hostile, then they both stood up.”

Matt stepped towards Peter, who had his hands in his pockets. I heard a click sound and Peter pulled out a knife.” The source tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “Matt‘s eyes opened wide when he saw the knife and they started to wrestle.”

The source continues: “Matt had both hands on the knife trying to pry it from Peter‘s hands. Then Peter wrapped his arm around Matt‘s head. Matt broke free and slipped behind Peter — tackling him to the ground. At that point, Matt went into self-defense mode — he punched and stomped Peter.”

AllAboutTheTea.com asked if anyone tried to step in after Peter brandished his knife and was told, “No, they all stepped back.”

The source dished that the scene in the small on-air radio room was total chaos.

“People were screaming!”

The fight finally broke up when a radio station employee grabbed Matt by the waist and pulled him back.

But the drama did not end there. Matt bolted for the door and started to make his way back to Atlanta, when he got a frantic phone call while driving.

“They [the radio station] neglected to have Matt sign a waiver to release video footage of the fight. She [radio station employee] called Matt and offered to meet him somewhere along his route back to Atlanta to get the waiver signed. Matt declined. He wanted to get back home.”

Police were called to the scene and Peter intends to file assault charges.

AllAboutTheTea.com has another bombshell exclusive detail to share. After the fight, Peter posted the following video on Instagram and AllAboutTheTea.com found out why!



A second source informs AllAboutTheTea.com that Peter was allegedly given the fight video footage and he plans to leak it to the media.

Peter plans to leak the video to World Star Hip Hop, but not before he has the video edited to show him in a good light. The parts of the video where he’s on the ground getting punched and stomped will be deleted. He also plans to edit out his knife. This will give him the upper hand.” 

The Jasmine Brand was the first to report fight details.

Stay tuned to AllAboutTheTea.com for updates on this latest drama.


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