#TeenMom2 David Eason’s Sister Goes OFF On Jenelle Evans After She Bans His Family From Her New Home!

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Is Jenelle Evans fairytale family crumbling?

On Wednesday, all hell broke loose after David Eason‘s sister, Jessica Eason Miller, exposed a family feud between the Eason clan and the Teen Mom 2 star.

The bitter fight ignited earlier this week when David‘s son Kaden, along with his ex, Olivia Leedham, visited Jessica‘s home. On May 2, a happy snapshot of the family reunion — triggered a dramatic meltdown from Jenelle. 

As a result, David‘s sister aired out the family’s dirty laundry on the internet.

Jessica revealed that Jenelle was, “jealous AF,” and “Banned,” the Eason’s from visiting her new home. David‘s sister gives the back story behind the fight, she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Basically I saw my nephew and his mom. We are friends. Jenelle got jealous AF and BANNED us ALL from going to their house because we were so happy about it. And it was a warm up meeting at my home with my kids.”

David and his baby mama, Olivia, have a messy history. In February 2017, the exes faced off in court over custody of their son, Kaden. David sued for visitation and the parents reached a visitation agreement — ensuring visitation at David and Jenelle‘s house.

“So when visitation begins soon, kaden will not be uncomfortable.” Jessica explained as the reason for her nephew’s visit.

Apparently, Jenelle went into complete hysterics because of Jessica‘s actions and friendship with Olivia. Jessica wrote,

“But Noooo im a conniving b*tch for doing what I thought was right..It pissed Jenelle off..Jealous because im friend with his baby’s mama Olivia..”

Jessica further made it clear that Kaden‘s Eason family introduction will start at her home.

As reported, Jenelle’s boyfriend was arrested on March 28, 2016 in North Carolina for violating a protective order. The order stated he was not to have contact with Olivia, or their son, Kaden — whom David hugged when he ran into his son at a grocery store. Charges related to the PO have since been dropped and Kaden will be back in David and Jenelle‘s lives soon.

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Four months ago, Jenelle confirmed David‘s court victory in a Facebook post, “love saves the day babe! I’m super happy for you. Life’s just amazing and can’t get better. I can’t wait to meet Little Kaden soon.” She went on to respond to a fan’s inquiry, “Omg did he win,” Jenelle responded, “They went to mediation and settled on something.”

Jessica did not take kindly to Jenelle‘s outbursts and unleashed a series of social media posts — blasting the troubled MTV star, while spilling tea about drama within the family.

David‘s older sister took a swipe at the overwhelming scorn many Teen Mom 2 fans have for Jenelle — Jessica posted on Facebook, “I should have listened! You all were right..She IS crazzzzyyyy!”

When a Facebook pal questioned, “Well whoever it is I hope they realize you aren’t the person to be fucked with.. Prayers stay strong stay shining as you always do..” Jessica responded, “She gonna learn soon.. Trust.”

Another Facebook friend inquired, “Who crazy? You’re better off without them…,” Jennifer sarcastically answered, “Ohhhh they know… Millions know.”

Jessica‘s attack went on for a large chunk of the evening. 

Miller divulged that her younger brother’s relationship with the MTV reality star has created a riff between David and his family.

After she got everything off her chest, Jessica assured her future sister-in-law that the pics that caused the stir were removed and for Jenelle to “GROW UP!” 

Jenelle has two sons, Jace and Kaiser, David has son Kaden and daughter Maryssa, plus they welcomed baby girl Enlsey to their brood last month. Which means, if Jenelle gets her way, she could have five kids to care for. Yikes!


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