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#RHOA Peter Thomas Speaks Out After Violent Brawl With Matt Jordan — Claims He Won The Fight!

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Peter Thomas is going on record with alleged details about the altercation that went down Tuesday, with fellow Real Housewife of Atlanta personality, Matt Jordan.

But AllAboutTheTea.com spoke to a ROCK SOLID source, who spilled the tea about what actually went down during and after their fight. Click here to read all about it.

Peter and Matt clashed after a planned interview at a Charlotte, North Carolina radio station turned violent.

Peter spoke to TMZ — giving an update on the smoking gun video that captured the chaos, after a media sit-down with Kenya Moore’s ex went south.

Peter promised that the public would see the video of the fight, despite Matt’s efforts to thwart it’s release.

“I kind of want everyone to see that video,” Peter says. “[Matt] already had a lawyer contact the station, and the young lady that was interviewing him to cease and desist — which I don’t know why they would listen to him, because he volunteered his ass walking up into that station.”

Peter promises to expose the video — and alleges that Matt is wanted by the authorities.

“I went to the [magistrate] and filed a complaint, and they took a warrant out for his arrest,” Peter states. “Now the district attorney’s gonna have it and my attorney’s gonna get his hands on it because it’s evidence, and the world will see it. I can’t wait for you guys to see this video…”

Why does Peter think that Matt wants the video to stay under wraps?

“He’s embarrassed — he’s like 6’5”/ 250, and he thought he was going to slap me around I guess, and it didn’t work out in his favor,” Peter said.

Peter is encouraged to confirm that he “won the fight.” 

“Without a doubt. He didn’t think I was gonna slap him and hold him in a chokehold like I did, “ Peter says. “Without a doubt — he don’t want nobody  to see that, because he’s embarrassed.”

A solid inside source present during the incident alleges that Peter pulled a knife during the brawl. Peter has not addressed the claim.

Do you believe a 100-pound senior citizen beat up a 250 pound, 29-year old personal trainer? Tell us what you think.

We will continue to follow this story, as details continue to emerge. 


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