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Matt Jordan Throws Todd Tucker & Peter Thomas Under The Bus! Claims They Coached Him To Solicit Kenya Moore’s #RHOA Salary [Exclusive Video]

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AllAboutTheTea.com has exclusive video of Matt Jordan spilling piping HOT tea about Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas!

According to Kenya Moore‘s former boyfriend — he was coached by fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta husbands, Todd and Peter to ask Kenya for compensation — 10% of Kenya Moore’s salary — to be exact. 

Matt had never been on reality TV and claims he didn’t know the rules. For a time, Matt became close with Peter and Todd. They explained that he needed to be compensated for being on the show and even for showing up at the reunion. (By the way, Matt wasn’t even invited.)

Todd, in particular, took Matt under his wing. Matt claims that Todd reassured him that he had his back. He told Matt several times,

“Bruh, you need to get paid — in advance. Bruh, you need to be asking Shorty to give you ten percent of what she make. That’s what our ladies give us.”

Matt tried to argue that their “girls were different” but at the end, he said, “they [Todd and Peter] getting all in my head.” Matt thought that since Todd and Peter were married to their Housewives, it was a different situation.

Matt says the men insisted:  “But Matt, you’re her storyline. You deserve monetary compensation.”

When they told Matt he should get a $10,000 paycheck from the reunion, he changed his mind about approaching Kenya. When he asked her about getting paid, he says she went off and cursed at him, shutting him down.

One night, Matt says he and Todd were kicking it when Todd told him:

“I love you. You my brother. Whatever you need.”

Matt claims, Todd even suggested that the fitness guru train him as a prototype, a “before and after,” real life transformation, so that Matt could show off his fitness skills on the show. But a few weeks later when Matt tried to contact Todd about filming the workout, Todd “ghosted” him. He replied two or three days later, and never seemed to be available to shoot with Matt. Matt was upset over Todd’s turnaround.

“I’m from a place where I tell you ‘I got you’, I’ll ride for you. Kenya will tell you. I’ve done some things for her that were not on the right side of the law…just to protect her,” Matt asserts in the video.

One night when Matt was with another woman, he called Todd to see if he wanted to go out to a club. Todd said he was laying low in the crib. But when Matt strolled into Suite Lounge with his female, there was Todd, getting bottle service. Matt says that he took “no offense” but it was a “little embarrassing” having to explain to his lady why Todd ignored his offer to meet up.

Matt says he reached out “one more time” to Todd about filming a workout. This time, he received no response at all.

“[Todd was] a safe source to go to vent about different moves I should make.”

Matt now says he’s quite shocked at the phoniness of the relationships on the show. He thought that filming and real life would be separate.

“Whole platform — the people in it — was fake. It’s all cosmetic.”

Matt wasn’t as close to Peter, but he still feels betrayed by him.

Peter stabbed on me.”

When Matt and Kenya were battling it out over social media, Peter acted as a mediator between them. Kenya had posted a collage of Matt’s mugshots, which he says were all from “traffic violations.” Matt responded by posting something negative about Kenya, and Peter hollered at him to take it down.

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Still, Matt would hit Peter up once in a while. He reached out to Peter about being in Charlotte during the CIAA Tournament and asked how much a section would cost at Peter’s club.

Peter assured Matt that he would be treated as a VIP guest.

“Call me. You’re good. My club…you get whatever, man.”

Apparently not. Matt called Peter about a “million times” and never received an answer. A week before the tournament, he reached out to Peter once more, but didn’t get a response.

Matt thought the men should do what they said they’d do. Todd should have filmed with him and Peter should have honored his offer to host him at the bar. Matt thinks Todd, especially, was influenced by Kandi to cut him out of his circle.

“Pressure from your spouse — which I totally understand. At the end of the day, you’re a man. You could at least say that then, especially to someone you made a bunch of promises… ‘Kandi don’t want me to do A, B, C & D.’ If that’s the case. I don’t know.”

Matt insists he’s not upset at being used for a storyline, but he is upset about not being paid.

“I’m a realist. If I got money, I wouldn’t care. I’m really upset that I wasn’t paid…either way — from her [Kenya] paying me like she said she was or from the 10 grand from the reunion, that they borrowed me from.”

Matt feels jaded by the whole situation. He thought Todd and Peter were his allies on the show. Todd once told him:

“The women, they do their thing, but the brothers, we have to have our line of communication and trust…”

Watch the exclusive video of Matt‘s rant below.

If what Matt says is true, that he was used by Kenya as a storyline, why would he go along with it? Why allow himself to be portrayed as a violent, abusive boyfriend? And why would the men shut him down if it was all for the camera?


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