Brandi Glanville Melts Down Over Fishy Vagina Lawsuit — Read Details HERE!

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Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupka, may have made an error in judgment.

When her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills counterpart, Brandi Glanville, accused Krupka of having an odiferous snatch, Joanna filed a defamation lawsuit.

Now the Case of the Smelly Vagina will not go away. Not only that, Krupka has been ordered by the court to produce her gynecological records from 2000-2005. Also, she must hand over any correspondence with Lisa Vanderpump, Mohamed Hadid, and Andy Cohen regarding her vajayjay.

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Though the incident happened years ago (and we all would have forgotten it by now if not for the lawsuit) Brandi claims she heard the tale of the fishy hooha from Mohamed, who supposedly hooked up with Krupka.

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Brandi just wishes the whole mess was over and done with. Recently on Twitter, she said:

“Things I want: world peace, a new wallet, 6pack abs, perfect skin, a donut, an endless gift card to Target, my ridiculous lawsuit F*CKING over.”

A sympathetic fan tweeted back, “That lawsuit is beyond ridiculous and shame on her for taking it this far. Lots of prayers for you that it is soon over.”

Supposedly, Brandi left the show to pursue other business opportunities. *crickets*

So, do you think Joanna is doing the right thing by pursuing the lawsuit?


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