Details On Brandi Glanville & Joanna Krupa Fishy Vagina Lawsuit Update

Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 1:33pm by Terri L. Austin

She’s baaaaack! Brandi Glanville is not only starring in another reality TV show, but she’s paired up with LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband, Dean Sheremet.

The two star in My Kitchen Rules. An unlikely pairing since they were jilted when their respective spouses, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn, hooked up on Lifetime’s Northern Lights eight years ago.

It’s a damn good thing Brandi is getting some work, because that lawsuit against her is still pending. Remember the Joanna Krupa affair?

CLICK: Lisa Vanderpump & Mohamed Hadid Call Brandi Glanville A ‘Liar’ In Court Deposition Over Fishy Vagina Lawsuit!

Glanville alleged that Mohamed Hadid briefly dated Krupa and said her nether regions had a distinct odor. Refusing to apologize or back down, Brandi forced Krupa into pushing forward with a defamation lawsuit in 2015.

Brandi’s hoping that because she lives in California and Joanna lives in Florida (the statute of limitations is different for each state) the case will get thrown out. Judge Pedro Echarte will decide if the case can move forward.

But Krupa’s lawyer, Ray Rafool, is optimistic. “It’s unlikely the judge will throw the case out on that argument. Joanna was and is a resident of Florida, so there’s no reason to use California standards.” He says his client seeks “punitive damages” for Brandi’s “un-hygienic accusations,” revealed the Miami Herald.

Furthermore, he said, “Punitive damages are supposed to punish a person in her wallet. The award will be proportionate to [Brandi Glanville]’s wealth.”

Seems like a small payout, considering Brandi is making her living on smattering of reality TV gigs. Maybe she’ll have to dig through the sofa cushions to find some spare change if she loses this case.

So, will you be watching Brandi in My Kitchen Rules?


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  • delaney

    O hell no.
    Also shocked that she gets work at all anymore. So so trashy she is.

  • Deanna777

    And what does Brandi’s used, dried-up clam smell like?

  • Rain_Cloud_1891

    What is going on with Brandi’s face? I’m not even trying to be mean or anything, but she looks like she’s aged 10 years in just a few months! That is a terrible picture of her, to say the least. Lol

    • chacha1

      Madam Flowers the wooden puppet is Brandi’s twin

      • Rain_Cloud_1891

        Omg! Lol. She totally looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy!

        • chacha1


    • sideof Sour Cream

      Her pupils are so dilated in that top pic. She looks insane.

      • Rain_Cloud_1891

        Agreed! Her face also looks so jacked up, like it should be on Botched or Plastic Surgery Nightmares or something. I really wasn’t trying to be mean, but it shocked me, the way her face looks! I almost didn’t even recognize her. Is that from having too much Botox over the years or something?

  • Thomas Crane

    No, there are people playing Playstation 2 games on Twitch that are far more entertaining than her. Seriously, they are funny and smart. She’s caustic.

  • Oh Snarky Me

    Wow look at those two pictures! Joanna looks beautiful and Brandi looks like a hag! What a comparison!

  • chacha1

    I would never watch anything that skank Brandi is on and even missed a whole season of Celebrity Apprentice because of her stank ass

  • Why is this happening to us?

    Damn….how many filters are on that pic of her and Dean? Lol. Looks like they smothered Vaseline all over the camera lens.
    I never cared much for Joanna, but Brandi is a disgusting bitch and she deserves whatever fine she needs to pay. It’s nice to see that someone is finally holding her accountable for her actions. She needs to realize there are consequences to speaking about other people and maybe this will cause her to think twice before she opens her big mouth next time. I thought it was despicable that she would start gossip about Adrienne and Paul’s use of a surrogate. That was truly unforgivable, imo. You just don’t go around talking about someone’s kids on national tv- she wouldn’t like it if the same were done to her. I can’t believe Adrienne and Paul forgave her. They are much bigger people than I am because I certainly wouldn’t be able to.

    • chacha1

      Brandi keeps dishing it out and we know she can’t take it … I hope Joanna nails her to the cross

      • Why is this happening to us?

        I hope so too!

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      ITA. I don’t think it will teach her a lesson tough – she just blames someone else. She actually believes this is LVP’s fault for not defending her and doesn’t seem to understand that if she had not opened her mouth the second time about this Joanna would have done nothing.

      • Why is this happening to us?

        How does LVP have anything to do with her opening her big fat mouth? Lol. The stupid is strong with this one…

        • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

          IKR? She said in an interview that it would all go away if LVP would back her up…and conveniently overlooks that it would never have happened at all if she hadn’t said it twice on WWHL!!

          • Why is this happening to us?

            Exactly! Lol. No one is forcing her to say these things!
            Besides, LVP would never side with Brandi over Mohammed- they have been good friends for years.

  • Bryan

    I hope this lawsuit sends this big mouth bitch to live in her vehicle and boys have to move in full time with Eddie and Falkor

    • chacha1


      • Bryan

        thank you =)

  • Brandi looks awful in that top pic. She’s basically Michael Jackson now.

  • Trippinhhard

    Brandi’s lips are bigger and her fillers are horrible and JoAnn looks good naturally..
    Somebody help this olds slut because her mouth is like running water, it never stops..
    Who’s going to watch her cook, she doesn’t eat shit, hut drowns Xanax…

  • sideof Sour Cream

    I can’t even stand the previews for this show. No way will I watch even one second of it.

  • JC

    Usually I try not to talk about people’s looks, but tonight I’ve failed. Why the hell, did Brandi go under the knife and ruin her looks? She’s become one of the plastic pod people of Beverly Hills. I like RHOBH but lets face it, if I ever saw one of them in real life, they would scare me. They look like wax figures of themselves. Brandi has joined the group. Oh, and Brandi should pay.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    I don’t even like BG anymore (since we fell out), but I still maintain that this (frivolous) lawsuit is a joke. I’ve never had any patience for people who get more than they bargained for by starting sheet with someone, and then play the victim. It just goes to show how F-ed up our judicial system is.

    • chacha1

      re: your first sentence, did you have a thing/friendship going on with Brandi ?

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Well yes (at least in my head) )#@+!_)*&

  • chacha1

    Why isn’t it mentioned that Brandi sent Joanna a fish dinner when they were dining in the same restaurant? Brandi just keeps harrassing her

  • kikid26

    Brandi should absolutely be made to pay. She just spews out the most horrid things and has yet to feel any consequences. If anyone said anything about her or her kids she would go full Rinna on them but actually CUT them! Yet another Hollyweird hypocrite that needs to go away.

  • MBB14

    I wonder why she would sue and both give the comments more press and keep them in the forefront … that alone tells me this is only about money. The lawsuit drives attention to what was said (not that it should have been said).

  • LuxLuxLux

    Whatever Brandi makes goes straight on her face so clearly she is making pennies since the bitch is botched.

    • HankyPanky

      Literally pennies, her face is cheap???

  • gracwalk

    In order for JoAnna, to win her case for defamation she must prove and have evidence of losing work from an employer due to Brand’s comment.