Reality Fakery! #TeenMomOG Stars Amber Portwood & Matt EXPOSED As Renters Not Homeowners of New Home!

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Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, moved on up during the last season of the MTV hit — or did she?

Viewers watched Amber and live-in beau, Matt Baier, claim to buy a home in a ritzy neighborhood, but according to a document obtained by an online sleuth, the storyline was a bogus one.

Amber and Matt are facing eviction from their home featured on the show,  and have been exposed as renters, not homeowners. Fans raised doubts about Amber and Matt’s shady relocation, and online records confirm that the home in question was never purchased by the reality couple.

The show featured the pair talking about an accepted offer on the house, but things got fishy when they were immediately invited to move into the home, with no mention of a closing. According to court papers filed Thursday, an eviction hearing is scheduled for March 9th. The plaintiffs are listed as Kisby Enterprises LLC, and Don and Janet Gutwein.

Amber and Matt were busted in January, as reported, the couple was being sued for more than $6,000, to cover property damage and unpaid rent on their last residence.

CLICK: Amber Portwood Sued For Over $6,000 In Damages After TRASHING Home

The last time viewers saw Amber, she was violently lunging at Farrah Abraham during the post-season reunion show — blasting profanities along the way.

A major part of Amber and Matt’s storyline has now been exposed as a fake — and the romantic partnership continues to land in legal hot water. Where will Amber and Matt move next — and will they come clean about the reality fakery?

Teen Mom OG is on hiatus. Catch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV. 

The video above breaks down the home sale fakery.


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