Amber Portwood Sued For Over $6,000 In Damages After TRASHING Home

Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 9:17am by BeachSpin

Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, bought a nice house in an upscale neighborhood last season — but left behind a dirty secret.

Amber and her boyfriend, Matt Baier, are being sued for trashing their rental — leaving behind a damaged and smelly property. 

Property management company Zuluscape has filed a lawsuit against Amber and her boyfriend, Matt Baier, with the Warren Township Small Claims Court. The company is seeking damages of $6,015.74, to cover unpaid rent and damages to the home.

The landlord claimed in a disposition letter dated July 5th, that the whole house had to be painted, deodorized, and new carpet installed, because of a pet smell.

According to details obtained from the suit, filed January 11th, necessary fixes include damages to dry wall, vertical blind replacement, six new mini blinds, door knob replacement, hardwire new smoke detector, set of four drip plans, removal of contents left behind, weed/mulch/brush removal, gutter cleanup and fence repair.

The couple shares two dogs, and two cats, with a new critter, Bootsie, adopted in March 2016. 

The landlord also claims that Amber still owes $1648.24 in unpaid rent. Amber leased the house for $1,200 a month, and paid a pet deposit of $1150, when they signed the papers, in July of 2015.

A court date has been set for February 23, 2017. 

A neighbor, who lived across the street, says he didn’t realize it was Portwood living there because she was non-disruptive and very private.

“She was quiet, to be honest with you,” a neighbor told Radar Online. “She rarely came out of the house! I watched the show before, and I knew her, but when she first moved in, we didn’t know who she was,” he said. “She wasn’t loud or nothing like that.”

Teen Mom OG is on hiatus, but Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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  • April Sherrill Reyna

    I thought she had a lot more dogs than just 2!

    • Evil Queen

      I did too! Thought she basically had a zoo in her house.

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    Sounds to me like the landlord is padding the amount a bit maybe because she is on tv? My friends own rentals (apt and house) and I have helped them repair damages left by clients. One time was with a hoarder and more work than what was stated in the deposition needed to be done. No way did it cost what is claimed. Even taking out the unpaid rent portion the amt seems high to me.

    • Sandy Wood

      I agree Contessa, I have owned 6 rental properties (NEVER again), and will say, many of the landlords claimed expenses seem way out of line.
      After 1-1/2 yrs. occupancy, repainting is a matter of course and easier than touching up holes left by hanging pictures etc. on walls.
      The mini-blinds and vertical shades could be replaced at Wal-mart for probably $200…
      the drip pans??? Good Grief!!!
      If by gutters, he is referring to eavestroughs, that seems to me to be maintenance the landlord would be responsible for…unless exterior maintenance was spelled out in the rental contract as the responsibility of the tenant.
      Let me say that I find Amber repugnant in every way, but this does seem like an excessive claim.

  • Evil Queen

    Amber looks real constipated in the above picture!???? Awful picture.
    Amber, pay the bill, & move on.
    Granted, I cannot recall her house/yard ever looking unkempt?

    Anyway! Happy Friday’s Eve Y’all!

    • Mental Iceberg ????

      Happy Friday Eve!

      • Evil Queen

        Happy Friday!

  • wellWellwell

    Isn’t this the same drag queen Brandi interrupted on stage..

    • Sandy Wood

      Nah…that one stepped over shit, this one has a penchant for stepping in it.

      • wellWellwell

        Oh ok thanks Sandy, with a quick glance I thought it might

        • Sandy Wood

          This is her new “Mommy Makeover”…she actually claimed to be going for the Marilyn Monroe look. LMAO.

          • wellWellwell

            Whut?? This is down right sad LMAO, I scrolled back up she’s a teen mom..I must be on the wrong thread!

      • Mental Iceberg ????

        Holy shit that was funny 🙂

        • Sandy Wood

          TY Mental Iceberg, you have given me many merry chuckles too. 🙂

  • sideof Sour Cream

    In my experience renting once with a cat, the pet deposit is specifically to get rid of pet smell. Landlords should paint between tenants anyway.