Twitter Slams ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry After Javi Marroquin Catches Her Cheating — AGAIN!

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MTV cameras captured a brutal post-argument fallout between Teen Mom 2 stars, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin — and Kailyn’s son, 7-year-old Isaac, was caught in the crosshairs. Kailyn was supposedly caught in a lie, before Javi discovered another man in the separated, but still married couple’s home. Javi revealed in a deleted scene, that he had busted Kailyn for communicating with the same man, during the marriage.

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“You know what’s crazy? This is the same dude..remember last season when this dude texted her and I said something, and everyone was like ‘Javi is so controlling?’” Javi says to a group of friends. “This is the same dude.”

Javi refused to leave their son in the home with a man he didn’t know, and Isaac was stuck in the middle of the resulting blowout. Isaac was later filmed in an upset state, and continued to express confusion over why he faced separation from his stepfather.

Twitter exploded for hours after Monday night’s episode aired — and Kailyn was raked over the social media coals.

Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera, earned fan kudos for tenderly addressing Isaac’s bruised and confused heart. Jo reassured his son that he would take care of nurturing the connection between him and Javi.

The backlash is real — as Kailyn continues to carve out a new life, as a single mom of two.

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